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Conference for our clients and collaborators focused on rental housing and the changes derived from the enactment of the new Housing Law.   On Tuesday, July 4th in the afternoon, Amat Immobiliaris organized a conference for our clients and collaborators on the subject of rental housing in its broadest sense. Beyond commenting and informing about […]

Thank you very much to all attendees, friends, colleagues and partners, for sharing and celebrating the 75th Amat Immobiliaris Anniversary with us and being part of our history.   On Wednesday, May 3rd, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Amat Immobiliaris at the Oriol Martorell Hall, l’Auditori, Barcelona. An act dedicated to honouring, visiting and valuing […]

We started 2023 with several Real Estate Associations meetings, of which we are members, and that COVID-19 had made almost impossible during the last few years.   Some international associations’ members have not met in person since January 2020, when COVID-19 was just starting to get talked about without any impact on our lives or […]

Last Tuesday, April 9, we celebrated the 54th Real Estate Dinner, an event where we bimonthly managed to gather an important group of professionals related to the real estate sector or related sectors that bring us knowledge through a conference in front of approximately 30 attendees in each occasion. As in every edition, we have a high-level speaker. […]

This week has been very intense for Amat Immobiliaris. The past July 10th and 11th we have celebrated two very important events for our company that have coincided this 2018. On one hand, this year has been the 70th anniversary of  Amat Immobiliaris and, on the other hand, we have inaugurated our new corporate headquarters in Barcelona. […]

Thursday the 9th edition of the Fidem Awards took place in the Caixa Forum Auditorium where eight women were distinguished for their talent and notoriety within different sectors in the business world, those women entrepreneurs or executives who have played an important role in the companies of our country. The most important women in the […]