Two days and two celebrations

This week has been very intense for Amat Immobiliaris. The past July 10th and 11th we have celebrated two very important events for our company that have coincided this 2018.

On one hand, this year has been the 70th anniversary of  Amat Immobiliaris and, on the other hand, we have inaugurated our new corporate headquarters in Barcelona.

The large number of attendees, more than 200 finally, made us to organize the event on two consecutive days in order to accommodate the high demand of attendees among authorities, customers, employees and friends who did not want to miss the event.

It has been a perfect opportunity for everyone to visit our new offices in Via Augusta 3, which become the new corporate headquarters of Amat and also dedicate a final public recognition to the first generation, our grandmother Concepció Amigó -she passed away in September 2017 and run Amat Immobiliaris since the death of her husband and founder Joan Amat. The event was conducted by the third generation that, since January 2018, run the company.

Culture has been one of the most outstanding parts in this event – as we always do in any act that we organize. This time we have had two extraordinary recitals. The first day we fell in love with the voice of Gemma Humet, accompanied by the musician Toni Xuclà, and on the second day we were touched by the fusion between poetry and flamenco conducted by Sílvia Bel.

We hope that these recitals have been liked by all the attendees and, once again, we thank them for their company and support in these important moments for our history as a family business.


Guifré Hemedes