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The key to conquering buyers. Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, a day when couples go out to the streets to celebrate their love. But love and enchantment can signify much more than just romantic partners; everyone experiences it uniquely, with whom they choose. Our children, family, pets, cherished objects, or even our homes can captivate us. […]

When selecting your dream home, it’s undeniable that cutting-edge kitchens play a pivotal role.   How do you imagine your ideal culinary haven? Today, we unveil 6 stunning kitchen spaces that transform every home into something truly special. We’ve curated a selection of our available homes for sale with cutting-edge kitchens for your consideration.   […]

One of the most important spaces in any home is the living room, and these are stunning.   Today, we are excited to present to you the gems of our real estate portfolio, and all of these properties are for sale and feature impressive living rooms! 1. Ref. 29954 Exceptional property of 815 m² with spacious […]

New build houses and flats for sale. Discover your new home! Are you thinking of buying a property? When investing in new build houses and flats, there are several advantages, one of which is energy efficiency.   New build housing has to be sustainable by law, which can mean saving up to 80%, in addition […]

Summer is approaching, temperatures rise and the holidays arrive. It’s this time of year when you realize that having a swimming pool in your home is a luxury! Today, we bring you the houses with pools that we have available in Amat. Impressive and unique pools to enjoy in summer and even throughout the year. […]

If you are one of those people who enjoy being in the kitchen preparing different dishes or desserts, surely you dream of having a good kitchen and the more modern the better. That is why we have decided to make a selection of some of our properties with modern kitchens perfect for cooking, whether new […]

If you are looking for a brand new apartment to purchase the home of your dreams, we have decided to make it easy for you and make a compilation of our best new developments in the metropolitan area of Barcelona. With swimming pool, parking and storage rooms, near the mountain, near the sea or in […]

Open kitchens have their followers and their detractors, and this post is dedicated to all those who love them. The advantages they have are a few, such as the fact of gaining space by giving amplitude to the kitchen. As it does not have walls, the room seems larger and this helps a lot in […]