The GreenDEX arrives to Esplugues and Sant Just

Today, 18th October, in Spain is the World Nature Protection Day, and we want to take the opportunity to announce an extension of GreenDEX. It is an index that measures the amount of green around the property and Starlab was who developed it just for us. Until now we could only measure this index in Barcelona, ​​but it’s the day to expand it to Esplugues and Sant Just. For us, Barcelona is not only the city, we like to include the entire metropolitan area, so we are very satisfied with this expansion and in the future, we really want to extend it to the entire area. But this is not all, in a long term we also want to expand this index to measure the quality of the air and the traffic around each property.

Amat and innovation always go hand in hand and it is for this reason that it is important for us bet in this area. A year ago we decided to show in our properties the amount of green that the properties have around to have a point of reference at the time of buying or renting it, and in addition to help the quality of life that have a direct impact on the customers.

According to the score of the GreenDEX indicator, numbers from 1 to 5, it shows if the property has green around it or not. The number 1 is the maximum green that a home can have around them, but 5 means nothing. The fact of extending the GreendDEX to Sant Just and Esplugues will make more properties have a lower number, between G1 and G2, which means that they have a lot of green around them. This is because the towns are located close to the Collserola Mountain.

Also exist the option to use the GreenMap where you can see the quality of vegetation around the new home and in the city where it is located. This map can be found in the information that we have of each property on our website as long as they are in Barcelona, ​​Sant Just or Esplugues.

Thanks to the development of GreenDEX a month ago we received the Most Innovative Marketing Tecniques award at the Luxury Real Estate conference in Washington D.C.


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The first half of 2019 marks a slight rise in real estate sales

On October 9th we presented the Real Estate Market Report of the 1st half of 2019 at the recently opened Amat Luxury Boutique in Barcelona. This is a report explains the information from the company in relation to the rental, sale of second hand, the sale of new brand and the luxury real estate sector in Barcelona, ​​Sant Cugat, Sant Just Desvern and the environment.

The Managing Director, Guifré Homedes, explained that during the first 6 months of this year there was a higher number of sales of new construction, 2% higher, also increased the economic volume of sales compared to the previous year’s period, 9%; therefore “we have sold more and a little more expensive”. In terms of second-hand sales in Barcelona, ​​a downward trend can be observed, while in Sant Just and Sant Cugat there is an increase of the sales between 10% and 20%. The age of the customers has increased; Homedes commented that “now people buy later, around when they are 40 years old, because they have been a few years in a rent home; although there are also cases where a property is sold to buy another.”

If we are talking about the luxury real estate market, it has remained low, but it is better than the first half of 2018. In this case, customers know perfectly what they are looking for and the price they want to pay, which is why they take their time to look for the right property.

The Managing Director, looking at the information, confirmed that “despite the idea of ​​pessimism that seems to be on the market we have maintained our sales and we have climbed a bit; the feeling of pessimism seems to be more affecting the sector than to customers “. This is due to the delays in the rental flats, “we had empty protected rental apartments for 3 months by bureaucratic issues, and others rental flats were empty for 4 months due to lack of electricity from the supply company,” he explained.

In addition, the different electoral processes and the changes in mortgage laws that have also occurred have affected the customers. However, it is rented very quickly, in the case of Barcelona “we took an average of 4 months, time before we took a lot more, but the prices can no longer go up because the salaries do not increase” confirmed Homedes. With President Immaculada Amat and Vice President Joana Amat, they have justified the increase in the renunciations of rental contracts in the last years, “they are people who leave the contract before because they want buy a flat, but years ago the contracts go to an end without renunciations”.

In this link you can download the full Market Report.

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A problem without magic solutions


Retail Cat and Amat Immobiliaris analysed the same problem from different points of view:

Retail Cat analysed how to regenerate the commerce and give exit to the retailers that are being lost by the city in the middle of closed doors.

Amat Immobiliaris analyzed how to address the need, now urgent, for housing for young people and the elderly, if possible to rent and providing social value.

The emergency of housing is sadly a reality, both for the lack of supply for rent, situation that leads to price inflation, the expulsion of former tenants in peripheral or very distant areas and, above all, because we are aware that we can not Cover with quick recipes. It is a problem without magical solutions.

These are the words I said when we presented with Juan Carlos Calbet of Retail Cat a possible solution, within the events of the Week of Commerce. A grain of sand where everyone wins and can contribute between 5,000 and 8,000 homes for rent.

The study carried out since 2009 is based on the fact that the new formulas of e-commerce and concentrations in shopping centers have come to stay and the supply of small shops in third and fourth lines of a city dies due to lack of activity.

Even today we are in time to save the current business of these areas if we design neighborhood-by-neighborhood shopping centers and help these businesses move to the designed shopping areas.

The change of use itself already means an increase in assets that can help the merchant to make the transfer and in case he is a tenant, he should act by way of financing or subsidies.

We can reconvert the premises into homes for the elderly without any architectural barrier, bringing them closer to the street, which is the same as bringing them closer to life, with low costs, because it is about building very clear structures.

We have invested a lot in putting elevators and it has been very good, but life is extended and there comes a time when it is not possible to lower the elevators, condemning our grandparents to be locked for years in a flat, which leads to isolation social and psychological

We do not find flats for young people who do not leave home before the age of 30. It is society that loses the most, because young people have to leave home well, they must know how to take their own path, we can not cut their freedom, they must move and risk and leave home is the first part of a long learning.

They can also be users of converted premises and, at the same time, invigorating streets and providing vitality to older people who will have neighbors.

The costs of reconverting them are very low, because they must be very clear and standardized.

And also win the communities of owners who today suffer dirt, abandonment of the premises and also problems for future projects of rehabilitation of the real estate whenever the premises have a coefficient that exceeds 15% of the property and, therefore, are essential to carry out any project and do not make it easy given that they have been closed for years and years.

Catalonia has 30,000 empty spaces at the moment and will continue to grow. We can not continue like this, we need coordinated decisions among all the institutions that, in one way or another, can change the current criteria and allow this grain of sand to be possible.

The win-win is a reality, the merchant wins who can move to more central areas, the owner who today has it closed wins, the community of owners wins, the society wins, offering solutions for grandparents and young people, the city wins , because we would improve the image, the cleanliness and the security of many streets, and the neighbors will win that would have much more life than the closed and dirty doors of today.

Shall we start?

Joana Amat

Vice-president of Amat Immobiliaris

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Joana Amat recieves the Creu de Sant Jordi for her professional trajectory

On May 2 we knew the news of the concession of the Creu de Sant Jordi by the Generalitat of Catalonia to the Vice-president of Amat Immobiliaris, Joana Amat, for its outstanding participation in the real estate sector since the company was founded by her father, Joan Amat , in 1948.

The ceremony was held on Thursday afternoon with the attendance of the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra; the Vice-president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés and the Minister of Culture, Mariàngela Villalonga, in the Forum Auditorium.

La Creu de Sant Jordi is the highest distinction awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia to those people who, due to their merits, have rendered outstanding services to Catalonia in the defense of their identity or in the civic and cultural field.

The distinction was created in 1981 and any citizen, group of citizens or entity can request that this award be given to any person.

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Important changes in Spain’s Urban Lease Law (LAU)


On December 18, the Real Decreto Ley 21/2018, of December 14, of urgent measures in the field of housing and rent has been published in the BOE, which incorporates very important changes in the field of housing lease in the Spain’s Ley sobre Propiedad Horizontal (Urban Lease Law).

This Real Decreto Ley has entered into force the day after its publication and has no retroactive effect, so it will not be applicable to lease agreements signed prior to that date.

The most significant modifications are:

  • It returns to the principle of freedom of pact in housing leases of more than 300 sqm or initial rent exceeding 5’4 times the minimum interprofessional salary.
  • The lease of tourist use, in all cases, is definitely excluded from the LAU (Urban Lease Law). The minimum mandatory duration of the contracts is extended at 5 years if the owner is a person and at 7 years if it is a legal entity.
  • The duration of the legal extension is extended to 3 years
  • It is established that in reduced-income contracts (these are those where rent is below that established), the update will be made by applying the IPC while the mandatory term of duration lasts- 5 or 7 years respectively.
  • Expenditure on real estate management and contract formalization will be paid by the landlord when it is a legal entity, except for those services that have been hired directly by the lessee.
  • A maximum of 2 monthly payments is made to supplementary additional guarantees. If the contract lasts more than 5 or 7 years, these guarantees may be extended.
  • An exemption from the payment of the ITP to the tenants is approved.
  • The procedural regulation is modified in the handling of evictions. Social services will intervene in the procedure at the request of the defendant, in the event of a situation of vulnerability, and the procedure can be suspended (1 month if the owner is a person or 2 months if he is a legal person) until social services consider appropriate mesures. After the deadline the procedure will continue its processing.
  • A new right of withdrawal is introduced in favor of the administration in certain cases of joint sale.

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