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The key to conquering buyers. Wednesday is Valentine’s Day, a day when couples go out to the streets to celebrate their love. But love and enchantment can signify much more than just romantic partners; everyone experiences it uniquely, with whom they choose. Our children, family, pets, cherished objects, or even our homes can captivate us. […]

Key Considerations for Charging Point Installations in Communal Garages and Buildings   As electric vehicle purchases becomes more common, the demand for electric chargers in communal spaces rises. In this initial post, we delve into the legal aspects for installing electric chargers in private parking and community-owned spaces.   Catalonia’s regulations, found in Book V […]

The Amat team wishes you Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2024! As usual, as the new year commences, we’ve crafted a 2024 CALENDAR for all our clients, suppliers and collaborators. This 2024 we review the story of Amat through the auca drawn by Pilarín Bayés. In them, we remember the 75 years of the company’s […]

When selecting your dream home, it’s undeniable that cutting-edge kitchens play a pivotal role.   How do you imagine your ideal culinary haven? Today, we unveil 6 stunning kitchen spaces that transform every home into something truly special. We’ve curated a selection of our available homes for sale with cutting-edge kitchens for your consideration.   […]

One of the most important spaces in any home is the living room, and these are stunning.   Today, we are excited to present to you the gems of our real estate portfolio, and all of these properties are for sale and feature impressive living rooms! 1. Ref. 29954 Exceptional property of 815 m² with spacious […]

Conference for our clients and collaborators focused on rental housing and the changes derived from the enactment of the new Housing Law.   On Tuesday, July 4th in the afternoon, Amat Immobiliaris organized a conference for our clients and collaborators on the subject of rental housing in its broadest sense. Beyond commenting and informing about […]

Installing photovoltaic panels is a means to achieve personal financial savings and build more energy-efficient structures.   At AmatZonia, one of our main goals is to assist property owners in attaining energetically more efficient buildings. One way to achieve this is through Renewable Energy, particularly by installing photovoltaic panels.   These are essential improvement projects […]

Pilarín Bayés draws an auca, a pictorial story, explaining the 75 Years of Amat…   Last Wednesday, May 3rd, we celebrated the 75th anniversary of Amat Immobiliaris. An event dedicated to honouring, visiting and valuing the company’s past, as well as recognizing the importance of family, women, culture, and society as essential pillars of the […]