October, what a month!

This month of October has been a very contradictory month.

What has been positive?

We have made a great investment in AMAT with the opening of a new office in the center of Sant Cugat, in 17 Rius i Taulet St.. It is a large office, of 260 sqm, sunny, modern and functional, with the intention of giving the best possible service to our customers.

For Joana and for me it was an extraordinary satisfaction that we were awarded with the 2017 Personalities of the CECOT prize and the delivery was made by President Puigdemont.

For commercial agents, the Barcelona Meeting Point fair has been a success. This has been a Meeting Point with more exhibitors, more visitors, more contacts. We have made two operations, already derived, of information facilitated during those days.

What has been a constant?

Questions at all times, especially during the fair, because of the situation we are living as a country such as sales and rents diminish, the market has fallen, the investments are reduced, …

As usually, we speak from our reality, and it has been this:

  • If we add new and second hand properties, this October we have done 12% more operations than in September.
  • For rent it has been 26% more.

It should be noted, however, that the fact that we have started the commercialization of a promotion precisely this October has favored it. Surely, in some other areas there has been diminished, but it may not be bad for the sector. We ran a little too much. We already know that our opinion is not always welcome, but it is not good for the market the increase of land prices in Barcelona and surroundings because it is transferred to the price of homes and perhaps the time when supply and demand will not be aligned is coming soon.

When we talk about luxury housing and investments, it is true that there is a certain break, but none of the investors with whom we have been working for years. At the most it is expectant, and it is normal at a time when there is a certain insecurity.

What makes us sad?

That there are prisoners because of their ideas.
We think that we are in complicated moments but we will overcome it!

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Brand new flat in El Born neighborhood

It may seem impossible but it is posible in fact to live in a brand new house in the center of the historic district of Barcelona, ​​one of the most charismatic of the city.

Las viviendas son amplias, luminosas y funcionales, con acabados de calidad y diseño exquisito en pleno centro histórico de la ciudad de Barcelona.
In La Ribera neighborhood, in the heart of the Born, there is this fantastic multi-family building with 6 brand new flats. Its façade is located on Banys Vells and Mirallers St., 5 min. of the Santa María del Mar church. The area retains the historical spirit in its streets, but it has also become one of the most sophisticated neighborhoods in the city, due to the excellence of design, fashion and the latest trends.

The flats are spacious, sunny and functional, with quality finishes and exquisite design in the historic center of the city of Barcelona.

That is a fantastic brand new flat 61.45 sqm plus a 4 sqm balcony. It consists of a living-dining room and a fully equipped kitchen of 23 sqm, a spacious bathroom and 2 double bedrooms with fitted wardrobes.

In addition, this brand new flat is completely out-facing Mirallers St. and the balcony connects all rooms of the property.

Do you want to visit it? ref. 20126

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20th Fidem Awards

Thursday the 9th edition of the Fidem Awards took place in the Caixa Forum Auditorium where eight women were distinguished for their talent and notoriety within different sectors in the business world, those women entrepreneurs or executives who have played an important role in the companies of our country. The most important women in the economy, science, social space or technology have been awarded for their contribution to the notoriety of women in the business world.

The winners of this 2017 have been:

  • Category of Social Entrepreneurship: Ana Bella, president of the Ana Bella Foundation
  • Career: Marta Rota, creative director of Tot Hom
  • Innovation: Helena Torras, co-founder and CEO of B-wom
  • Internationalization: Lídia Claramunt, owner of Magnifique Brands
  • Stewardship: Stephanie Marko, founder and CEO of Stikets
  • Technology: Mar Alarcón, founder and CEO of Social Car
  • Family Business: Cristina Puente, Frapont’s financial director
  • Entrepreneurship: Maribel Bernales and Lorna Gotilb, owners of El Colorao.

Joana Amat, Co-Director of Amat and  Fidem President, was in charge of presenting the event and announced the creation of the Mesa Transversal, a work table that will be launched next February 2018, where “it will bring together the business world, institutions, entities and civil society with the aim of achieving the legal changes, but above all, cultural changes so that men are increasingly incorporated into the home and women to the company in order to achieve full social co-responsibility real. ”

With this new work of Mesa Transversal, there are 10 professionals from different sectors to achieve the aforementioned objectives by promoting various actions. It should be noted that women occupy about 12% of the managerial positions in Spain, which is even lower than the 2009 data, since the crisis has aggravated inequality, increased the wage gap and the hiring of women. Some data Joana Amat adds “Instead, we have studied – concludes Amat – that the rate of failure of the entrepreneur woman who converts businesswoman is lower than that of the man who, in general, the woman reinvents herself and perseveres more than It is everybody’s job to give visibility to all the anonymous directives that from their places lead in feminine “.

In addition, the co-director of Amat said that undertaking “is exciting but not easy” and, therefore, Fidem accompanies 20 new female companies in training and search for funding through the 18-month mentoratge that also includes Inca emotional support the program “If you want, you can” “to ensure the maximum success of each project.”

Fidem wants to take a step further, – adds Joana Amat – and move from family co-responsibility to social, since it is the responsibility and need of the country to continue having children without losing 50% of the talent that women contribute In the labor market, only when this has been achieved will we start talking about equal opportunities, equal pay and, ultimately, real equality” Joana Amat said.

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Talk about entrepreneurship within the “School and Business” program

On November 2, 2017, like every year, Immaculada Amat offered a talk on entrepreneurship, business values ​​and her business career at the Jaume I Institute in Salou.

The visit is part of the “School and Business” project of the FemCat Association, with which Immaculada Amat, co-director of Amat, and Guifré Homedes, Director of the Barcelona office, have collaborated for approximately 6 years. The first objective of this entrepreneurship talk is to promote the entrepreneurial spirit of the students attending.

During the entrepreneurship talk, some of Amat’s main values ​​and strategies were highlighted in order to consolidate and be a successful company in the real estate sector, such as: observation, market analysis and constant work.

Immaculate Amat stressed that “the training of employees, enthusiasm and innovation have made us leaders in the sector”. The imagination to address each new challenge, incorporate new technological resources to offer comfort, efficiency and quality services have made Amat occupy a privileged space in the real estate market.

The entrepreneurship talk was a success of assistance.

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The lack of offer marks the trend of the rental market

During this first semester of 2017 the trend of the rental market has been the part of the real estate market that has generated the most news, most of them little documented and very general, which has generated a little truthful information about the real functioning of the market.

The most remarkable fact, from our point of view, has been the publication of the Rental Reference Index, a tool developed by the Generalitat of Catalonia with the help of some actors in the real estate sector that provides transparency to the market trend and where all the parties, owners and tenants, can be referenced to make the appropriate decisions.

The analysis of this first semester indicates that we have exceeded expectations in all our offices and we have made 26% more contracts than in the same period of 2016. However, we are below the contracts that were made in that same period 4 or 5 years ago

The Rotation has been similar to the same period of the previous year. On average we rent the property in a month and a half.
There is a certain amount of real estate that does not enter the commercial circuit and is not counted in this rotation data, which are real estate that before the tenant leaves, we have the next one to enter.

In several reports we have pointed out that the lack of supply is affecting much the trend of the rental market. Contract renewals have also been increasing for years. Basically they are tenants who prefer to stay in the apartment where they were instead of going to the rental or sale market.

In contrast to the small number of contracts that are made, there is the rapidity in which the properties are rented and the increase in rental income that has been and continues to be in recent months.

These are the factors that negatively affect the offer of the rental market and that we have commented on in other reports, it is worth remembering:

  • Important stock of what was previously long-term rental that has been earmarked for tourist or short-term rental.
  • Wrong policies of the Administration towards the owners of rental properties.
  • Lack of legal security. The clearest example of this is the permissiveness that exists with the phenomenon of employment.

Regarding the increase in rents, from 2013 to the 2nd Quarter of 2017, the market trend is growth in all areas where we work. In Barcelona, ​​the most pronounced growth began in the 2nd Quarter of 2015.

As always, we must take these data with caution and not extrapolate them so that the entire market behaves the same in all areas and all quarters. We always say that the housing stock at each moment determines a lot the prices at which it is arrived.

And, how do we see the future?

Well it is risky to say, but it is clear that the problem of supply will not be resolved overnight. In our sector, providing supply in the market requires time and a strategic vision of the future of the evolution of housing. In the short term, we believe that the upward trend in rents will continue, but we expect it to be at a more moderate pace. In the medium term it could be that with the recovery of sales of new construction, especially in the first crown of Barcelona, ​​the offer will be normalized in two senses: on the one hand, people who were renting in the city and bought the outskirts will release rental flats and, on the other hand, investors will put their rental flats in these areas. Something we do have clear: the offer and any housing policy that is made should be understood from the metropolitan point of view and only from there we will be able to solve the problem we have today with the rental market.

Consult our Market Report for a broader analysis of the state of the market.

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