Debate and reflection on rental housing.

Conference for our clients and collaborators focused on rental housing and the changes derived from the enactment of the new Housing Law.


On Tuesday, July 4th in the afternoon, Amat Immobiliaris organized a conference for our clients and collaborators on the subject of rental housing in its broadest sense. Beyond commenting and informing about the changes resulting from the enactment of the new Housing Law, we aimed to address housing policies, particularly in the rental sector, and how these policies have evolved over the past decades leading up to the current situation.


For this analysis, we had the participation of Carme Trilla, recognized as one of the leading voices with extensive experience in the field of housing in Catalonia. Her expertise and knowledge provided us with an enriching perspective on the subject. Additionally, complementing Carme Trilla, we also had the contribution of Esther Vallès, Head of Patrimonial at Amat Immobiliaris, who focused on the specific aspects of the Housing Law. Her intervention was highly valuable in understanding the practical implications of the new regulations. The conference also featured the participation of Guifré Homedes, CEO of Amat Immobiliaris, who provided context on the current events in the rental market in Barcelona and its surrounding area.


We sincerely want to thank all the attendees for their presence and for participating in the subsequent debate. Their contributions further enriched the gathering and helped us understand the concerns and expectations of professionals and clients in the real estate sector.


Committed to an open and constructive debate on real estate.

At Amat Immobiliaris, we are dedicated to an open and constructive discourse surrounding real estate. We recognize the significance of comprehending the policies and regulations that impact the industry to offer our clients a customized, high-quality service that meets their individual needs.


We will continue working to stay updated and informed on the real estate industry and share this knowledge with our entire community. We are convinced that only through dialogue and collaboration can we achieve a fair and sustainable rental market for everyone.


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