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Manage residents’ association

We transparently manage the day-to-day life of the residents’ association, we always keep in mind that housing is the most valuable economic asset for families.

  • Residents’ association must be managed like small businesses, with a global vision, with a great effort to minimize coexistence problems and with fluid communication.
  • Residents’ association need three types of advice or management: legal, accounting and maintenance, and it must have a good relationship between the owners.



Legal and fiscal advice, very attentive to the new regulations that may affect the communities.



Budget control: Transparent and real-time accounting, budget monitoring to control possible deviations.



Management of incidents, maintenance and preservation of the building. We have certified supplier.


Call center

Emergency service 24 hours a day and 365 days. The service is carried out with companies chosen and validated by the administrator.


Online administration

Tool that allows neighbors to have updated information about the community.

How to download the app?

How to generate an incident?


Efficient buildings

Aware that the efficiency of buildings is a key factor for all residents and for the value of the building itself, AmatZonia offers a specific advisory service for energy optimization.

Rental and properties administration

We want our clients obtain maximum profitability, optimize the value of their assets, not to have any concerns about their properties and to be regularly informed of everything.

  • Long-term vision to achieve maximum profitability, advising the necessary investments to improve your properties and grow your assets.
  • Weighted and balanced rental contract between the both parts, it is the basis of a good relationship between tenant and owner, key to the success and profitability of an estate.
  • Our clients, tenants and owners, are served by a highly qualified team that takes into account their needs.



Your personal administrator will be able to advise you from the legal, economic, fiscal and maintenance point of view in order to be able to make the most appropriate decisions at all times.



Our administrators are qualified professionals, most of them lawyers, constantly updated in relation to legislative and jurisprudential developments.



– Analyzing the tenant well is the key to success in the contractual relationship.

– Resolution of incidents that appear on the building and in the contractual relationship.

– Questionnaire about the state of the property, at the time of entering and leaving.



The strict monitoring and control of failure to pay allows us to keep this rate very low (below 1%). In addition, we offer rental non-payment insurance to the needs of each client.


Online administración

Tool that allows neighbors to have updated information about the community.

How to download the app?

How to generate an incident?


Efficient buildings

Aware that the efficiency of buildings is a key factor for all residents and for the value of the building itself, AmatZonia offers a specific advisory service for energy optimization.

Do you want to sell and/or rent?

Selling or renting a property is a very important decision and we know it. For this reason, we work to be your best-trusted consultant who, with experience, knowledge and judgement, minimizes your doubts offering security and peace of mind.

You will have a real estate professional continuously training who will guide and advise you throughout the process of selling or renting your property, from the beginning until the end of the operation.

Evaluation by an expert team based on our knowledge of the market.

  • We make a real assessment based on permanently updated market studies.
  • We advise on the adaptation to current legal rental regulations.
  • We process, if necessary, the Aluminosis Certificates, Certificate of Habitability and Energy Efficiency Rating.

Personalized sales and marketing plan by the real estate consultants.

  • We do professional photographic reports and videos; we generate optimized descriptions in several languages.
  • Your property will have the best publicity:
    • Newsletter to our database of applicants, international collaborators and contacts on our website.
    • Publication in national and international webs with outstanding positioning.
    • Advert in specialized press.
  • We inform about the results of each visit and the commercial actions we have carried out, as well as the real estate market advice by

Specialist lawyers form the beginning of the sale until the end of the operation.

  • We study the documentation of the property and we notify you of any discrepancy or defect, with a report of the data necessary to fix it.
  • We coordinate the preparation and supervision of everything that affects the closing of the operation signature:
    • SALE=>The public deed of buying and saling trading in the Notary and with the banks in the operation.
    • RENT=>Complete and exhaustive reports of the potential tenant, to obtain the maximum guarantee. Personalized rental contract and processing the deposit in front of the corresponding official organization.

Large network of national and international marketing channels.


Promoter services


Rigor, reliable and contrasted information about opportunities and threats, for a good investment.


Analysis of the data from market reports, offer and demand, of the different types of properties and the price proposal, we obtain the assessment of the economic viability of the development.


  • Advice on the fit of the project based on demand: product typology, qualities and distributions
  • Knowledge of the market and the competition: continuous market reports to assess the positioning and evolution of the competition
  • Comprehensive commercial management:
    • Knowledge of the project
    • Information and closing sales
    • Management of the entire process: reservations, contracts…
  • Management of different property developer CMR
  • The Amat team has:
    • Professionalism, seriousness and trust
    • Experience
    • Control of technological tools
  • The Amat sales team provides:
    • Customer service, sales, negotiation and deal closing
    • Knowledge of the product: plans, quality specifications…
    • Market research, reporting and data analysis
    • Technological tools


  • Advice and implementation of the appropriate online and offline marketing plan and publication in real estate websites


  • Advice and support throughout the process of the sale with legal knowledge, help with financing, and organization and coordination of the deed.


  • Accompaniment in the process of management, control and after-sales service.


Tax advice

We want our clients to comply with their tax obligations with maximum peace of mind and security. We take care of analysing, advising and accompanying our clients and informing them of all new developments taxes.

  • WE OFFER a Transparent, Reliable, Secure, Personalized service
    • Taxes: Income, assets, companies, VAT, Number of residents, payments on account, model 347, model 184
    • ETE models
    • Attention to requirements
    • Assistance to inspections

Lately, there has been an upward trend in the number of checks and requirements by the Tax Administration.


Legal advice

We want to provide legal coverage in relation to any property issue that affects our clients.

  • WE OFFER advice and/or proceedings, management of any legal issue in the real estate environment.
  • WE MANAGE: inheritances and all the diversity of issues in the real estate world. Preparation of deeds, new construction and horizontal division, segregations, groupings, registration and cadastral rectifications.


Amatzonia - Efficient buildings

Aware that the efficiency of buildings is a key factor for the value of any building or property itself, Amat offers a specific advisory service to improve the energy efficiency of buildings.

We analyse and propose the best solution for each building to optimize energy efficiency.

  • We advise different financing ways and inform about the existing aid at that moment
  • We are specialists in green roofs that reduce consumption and improve the environment



Investment consulting

Amat Immobiliaris work so our clients can have the tranquility and carefreeness they want in the real estate world. Thanks to our professional team, the investment consulting service has been created, which consists of:

  • Strategy designed to adapt to the needs of each client.
  • Analysis of the current market and investment advice on real estate products in a safe and simple way, nationally and internationally.



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