We present AmatZonia

We have given a name to our advisory service for the energy optimization and efficient buildings: AmatZonia.

In Amat we have been committed to sustainability and energy efficiency in all types of properties for some time now, and this is one of the reasons why we have been implementing GreenDEX for years our index that marks the amount of green that surrounds a property.

At AmatZonia we work in different lines, either with residential properties such as industrial warehouses or corporate headquarters, making customized projects according to the needs of each client and the possibilities offered by the building.

We analyze the building from a global perspective; the building envelope, facades and roofs, or the recovery of spaces, nowadays so important for the use and enjoyment of families.

Next, we explain some of the possible actions.

AmatZonia creates green roofs

One of the points on which we work the most are green roofs.

Properties have a lot of potential in this case because in the different types of green roofs can be installed.

The benefits they provide are a lot, such as the increase in the value of real estate, the improvement in thermal and acoustic insulation and in air quality, the reduction of temperatures and therefore the reduction of heating and air conditioning consumption, and improves the performance of photovoltaic panels. In addition, a green roof helps increase biodiversity, air quality and generates oxygen while creating new meeting spaces.

AmatZonia installs photovoltaic panels

AmatZonia we will guide and explain you the best photovoltaic installation option, whether in a single-family house, neighborhood communities or in industrial buildings. It is all detailed in the following posts:

AmatZonia rehabilitates buildings

The goal is to achieve more energy efficient buildings, while contributing to the care of the environment and the improvement of people’s health.

The vast majority of our buildings are old, without thermal insulation and with inefficient closures, therefore, we need the most comprehensive rehabilitation possible and with a vision of a new life for the building.

In the next post you will be able to see what energy efficiency is and how it influences our homes and some of the possible actions, such as the change in the facades, in the roofs, double glass with an air chamber window or installing condensing boilers and insulating pipes. It is also important to know that just as photovoltaic panels are the future, we also have to think about charging points for electric cars.


Comprehensive counselling from AmatZonia

Our department offers you advising throughout the process, after analyzing the real needs to be covered, selecting the best suppliers in each case, controlling the execution of the work until the end and providing the necessary financial solutions in all moment.

74 years of experience in the real estate sector endorse us and allow us to offer comprehensive consulting on the needs of any type of property.

Our AmatZonia department will be happy to assist you through the following email: nadia.massague@amatimmo.cat