Discussing the New National Housing Law in Barcelona

Exploring the Impact of the New National Housing Law


On April 10, 2024, we hosted a client event at the Barcelona College of Economists to analyze the effects of the recently approved National Housing Law. With over 80 Amat clients and team members present, we delved into the implications of this legislation on the real estate sector.


Focusing on the Practical Implications


Our discussion, led by housing experts Carme Trilla, a recognized authority in the house field in Catalonia, and Esther Vallès, Head of Asset Management at Amat Immobiliaris, provided invaluable insights into the practical effects of the new law. Trilla shared her expertise while Vallès detailed specific aspects of the New National Housing Law, offering clarity to our clients.


Additionally, Guifrè Homedes, our General Manager, offered a comprehensive view of the current rental market, using data from our recent 2023 market report to contextualize challenges and opportunities.


Engaging in Open Dialogue


Following interventions from Trilla, Vallès, and Homedes, we engaged our clients in an open question session. Addressing their concerns enriched the discussion and helped us better understand their needs.


At Amat, we remain dedicated to keeping our community informed about housing developments. We extend our sincere gratitude to all attendees for their valuable contributions to the debate.


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