Enric Batlle, talker of the 54th Real Estate Dinner

Last Tuesday, April 9, we celebrated the 54th Real Estate Dinner, an event where we bimonthly managed to gather an important group of professionals related to the real estate sector or related sectors that bring us knowledge through a conference in front of approximately 30 attendees in each occasion.

As in every edition, we have a high-level speaker. In this case, the guest was Enric Batlle.

Who is Enric Batlle?


Enric Batlle Durany is an architect and landscaper. He is currently a university professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) since 1982. He is also a professor in the Master in Architecture and Landscape and the Department of Urban Planning at the School of Architecture of Valles (ETSAV). He has received the Lluís Domènech i Muntaner Award for Theory and Criticism of Architecture.

Enric Batlle talked about the limits of the City of Barcelona. It broke the usual paradigm that Barcelona is limited by Collserola, the sea and the two rivers: Llobregat and Besós. Batlle demonstrated that today the important thing is the metropolitan area, that Barcelona is the City of cities because it has been incorporating surrounding populations, which makes it friendly and close. He also commented that in the City of Barcelona there is no place to build when, in fact, if you think big and open minded, yes there is.