Working in Amat: Knowing Irene & Mari Carmen from the accounting department

The accounting department of Amat consists of 5 people working from the office in Sant Just. Today we want to introduce you two of them, Mari Carmen Vega and Irene Melendez. Both have more than 10 years in the department and are an important part -as well as the rest of their colleagues-, of the good functioning of Amat Immobiliaris.

Mª Carmen Vega

Mari Carmen feels that, for her, “the department has an infinite importance for the company“. She has been working in accounting for 14 years, where she started archiving documentation and, nowadays, she is “super proud” of what she has learned “thanks to my colleagues help”, she says.

Right now I’m pretty focused on bringing the reconciliation of several bank accounts, but my work has a lot of variety. It is intense in a daily basis: paying taxes, downloading the file of the NQ43, cash journal, to depict both communities and buildings,… And if you want it, I also make you a coffee without any problem!”


“I like my job and my department” Mª Carmen Vega


Irene, has been working in Amat for 18 years. “Time goes by so quickly!” she says. She has experienced many changes, both internal and external, but always to grow.

“I currently generate the whole issue of billing our customers, everything that can not automatically be done. I manage the sending of files, collections and payments, as well as accounts of some clients.”

 “Internally, I also manage the control of several accounts, with a large volume of work!”

Irene, despite that volume, is very comfortable being part of the accounting department along with her other colleagues.

In addition, there are also internal queries for other departments of Amat. Still, what is more difficult for her to assume are the works / reforms: “I’ve already two and I’m not sure if there will be any more!”