Joana Amat recieves the Creu de Sant Jordi for her professional trajectory

On May 2 we knew the news of the concession of the Creu de Sant Jordi by the Generalitat of Catalonia to the Vice-president of Amat Immobiliaris, Joana Amat, for its outstanding participation in the real estate sector since the company was founded by her father, Joan Amat , in 1948.

The ceremony was held on Thursday afternoon with the attendance of the President of the Generalitat, Quim Torra; the Vice-president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonés and the Minister of Culture, Mariàngela Villalonga, in the Forum Auditorium.

La Creu de Sant Jordi is the highest distinction awarded by the Generalitat of Catalonia to those people who, due to their merits, have rendered outstanding services to Catalonia in the defense of their identity or in the civic and cultural field.

The distinction was created in 1981 and any citizen, group of citizens or entity can request that this award be given to any person.