20th Fidem Awards

Thursday the 9th edition of the Fidem Awards took place in the Caixa Forum Auditorium where eight women were distinguished for their talent and notoriety within different sectors in the business world, those women entrepreneurs or executives who have played an important role in the companies of our country. The most important women in the economy, science, social space or technology have been awarded for their contribution to the notoriety of women in the business world.

The winners of this 2017 have been:

  • Category of Social Entrepreneurship: Ana Bella, president of the Ana Bella Foundation
  • Career: Marta Rota, creative director of Tot Hom
  • Innovation: Helena Torras, co-founder and CEO of B-wom
  • Internationalization: Lídia Claramunt, owner of Magnifique Brands
  • Stewardship: Stephanie Marko, founder and CEO of Stikets
  • Technology: Mar Alarcón, founder and CEO of Social Car
  • Family Business: Cristina Puente, Frapont’s financial director
  • Entrepreneurship: Maribel Bernales and Lorna Gotilb, owners of El Colorao.

Joana Amat, Co-Director of Amat and  Fidem President, was in charge of presenting the event and announced the creation of the Mesa Transversal, a work table that will be launched next February 2018, where “it will bring together the business world, institutions, entities and civil society with the aim of achieving the legal changes, but above all, cultural changes so that men are increasingly incorporated into the home and women to the company in order to achieve full social co-responsibility real. ”

With this new work of Mesa Transversal, there are 10 professionals from different sectors to achieve the aforementioned objectives by promoting various actions. It should be noted that women occupy about 12% of the managerial positions in Spain, which is even lower than the 2009 data, since the crisis has aggravated inequality, increased the wage gap and the hiring of women. Some data Joana Amat adds “Instead, we have studied – concludes Amat – that the rate of failure of the entrepreneur woman who converts businesswoman is lower than that of the man who, in general, the woman reinvents herself and perseveres more than It is everybody’s job to give visibility to all the anonymous directives that from their places lead in feminine “.

In addition, the co-director of Amat said that undertaking “is exciting but not easy” and, therefore, Fidem accompanies 20 new female companies in training and search for funding through the 18-month mentoratge that also includes Inca emotional support the program “If you want, you can” “to ensure the maximum success of each project.”

Fidem wants to take a step further, – adds Joana Amat – and move from family co-responsibility to social, since it is the responsibility and need of the country to continue having children without losing 50% of the talent that women contribute In the labor market, only when this has been achieved will we start talking about equal opportunities, equal pay and, ultimately, real equality” Joana Amat said.