Amat Immobilaris recognized at the Catalan CSR Awards

premios RSC - Guifre Amat

On January 24, the Premis 7th edition, the Catalan CSR awards, was held at Casa Llotja de Mar, Barcelona. The hall was full, with 150 attendees, including some members of our team, such as our director Guifré Homedes who accepted the Working Time Reform Award on behalf of Amat.


These Awards recognize the merit of organizations and individuals who disseminate and implement good practices in key areas of social responsibility. The goal is that sustainability and ethics management forms part of Catalan business model. Companies increasingly value social responsibility, turning it into a factor when it comes to generating solid and trusting relationships, not only with their internal teams, but also with clients and collaborators.


In this context, the Social Responsibility Awards in Catalonia take place and recognized five organizations, one person and one territory for their good practices and track record in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Amat receives the Working Time Reform Award at the Catalan CSR Awards ceremony – #PremisResponcat2022 values ​​our good practices on adapting the working hours of our company. This allows equal opportunities and genders equality, initiatives that are part of our company identity. Both the overall efficiency and the working conditions of employees have improved thanks to these initiatives.


The award was accepted by our director Guifré Homes and was delivered by Industrias Tapla, the winning company of the award last year.


When conveying the recognition received to the rest of the Amat team, Guifré said:

“We are happy and proud of receiving this award. A recognition for all of you, who are the Amat team.”

Throughout the event, a video of each recognized company was played, which has been made expressly for the occasion, highlighting good social responsibility practices. Below you can see the video of the actions and practices that we have carried out in Amat for years in terms of schedule and calendar policies.


The videos of all the recognized companies can be seen on the channel. Awards, 7th edition

The awards have the support of the Business and Labor Department of the Generalitat and the collaboration of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce and the Council of Chambers of Commerce of Catalonia., a business initiative for the development of social responsibility in Catalonia, is an association with more than a hundred companies committed to the progress of their CSR. Making Catalonia a socially responsible territory is their maim goal.


During the Awards 7th edition, has recognized five companies, one territory and one person. This year’s awards were presented by the 2021 winners.


Noel food group has received the Catalan Respobility Award, Premi Responsabilitat de Catalunya, for its long commitment to corporate social responsibility. The organization highlighted that it is the fourth generation of a family business with a very transversal perspective on CSR, concerned about the territory, the environment, and the people. They said:

“[…]over 80 years undertaking actions that seek to benefit the territory, the environment, and people, being the company that generates most workplaces in La Garrotxa region (Girona).

Concentrol has been recognized for the consolidation of CSR management in all the organization areas. A company with a great future vision, with the desire to create shared value and generate knowledge.

The organization has also recognized Veritas for its collaborative environmental program. Due to the desire to create a conscientious business model, with a project committed to health, responsible consumption and ecological impact. Damm, on the other hand, has been awarded for turning the volunteer program. They promote this program among their team, in a cohesive tool with great social impact.


Mataró Awarded Socially Responsible City works to make Catalonia a socially responsible country. Therefore, every year they recognize a Catalan territory that makes CSR a factor of local identity by joining efforts with its organizations. The city of Mataró has been awarded this year with the recognition of the Socially Responsible Territory. This award highlights the work carried out by the City Council and the various agents in the territory, both public and private, for more than 20 years.



Special recognition to Maravillas Rojo for her impact in the Catalan Social Responsibility

The recognition for personal career has been awarded to Maravillas Rojo for working tirelessly to transform the business model and thus contribute to building a more egalitarian, inclusive and fair society. She has done this, both from the public sphere and currently, from the presidency of Abacus Cooperativa. 


Maravillas Rojo is a benchmark when it comes to leading projects that have a real impact on the business world, in cities and on citizens. In her speech, she has based herself on the values ​​of trust, which she has been made, and she has made, and on hope, emphasizing that trust is also a requirement.