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On many occasions, because of the circumstances or needs of the sale of our property, we can not choose when to put it on sale but now, that spring begins, is the best time. Time improves and the mood and attitude of people, too! In addition, we can take advantage of the colors and light […]

We often find that the space we have in our flat, especially in the bedroom, is not enough. However, organizing the available space and making the most of it is possible with these 5 small room solutions. 1. Take advantage of every space The most important thing when you are low on space is to […]

This coming October 19th starts a new edition of the Barcelona´s Meeting Point real estate tradeshow. In this edition you´ll find two parallel shows:  The Russian Meeting Point (from October 19th to 21st)  and the Barcelona Meeting Point (from October 19th to 23rd). Both shows take place at the same pavilion with the purpose of […]