Do you know what your customers expect from you?

The basis of a good real estate agency are your customers, where your satisfaction comes first. That is why it is very important to know, from the first moment, how to take care of them. But, do you know what your customers expect from you? Ethics, transparency, confidentiality, knowledge, personalization and quality are some of our values ​​and are undoubtedly requirements demanded by customers.

So, do you know what your clients expect from you? What are the steps in a real estate process to make it an excellence? These are our premises!

1. Quickness ​​and flexibility

The layout of the commercial, in this case, is very important and know the needs of the customer, essential. Flexibility at the time of making a visit must be a premise sine qua non. Communicate disposition, know your needs well to be able to offer what best suits your requirements and to know alternatives to your preferences.

3. Ensure a quality visit

Punctuality, kindness and professionalism. These adjectives should define the visit. It is very important to provide value information about the property, sincere and objective, that is of quality, going beyond what the customer can observe for himself.

Knowing your expectations will help us, in case there is any aspect of the property that does not satisfy you, look for another product that complies with them.

4. Solve doubts and concerns

Explain the sales process or rent to give security to the client and to be able to solve all their doubts, before and during the visit.

5. Proactivity

Once the visit is made it is advisable to proactively contact the client to know their doubts and resolve them as far as possible.