How much does it cost to keep an empty property?

Keeping an empty house is not cheap.

Many homeowners make the mistake of keeping their property vacant or they do not find the right tenant and that hurts them in the long run.

An empty house also has to pay for, both taxes, insurance, mandatory payments and minimum consumption of supplies must be met. These are fixed expenses whose amount can be a considerable expense at the end of the year. Not to use services costs, too.

For example:

  • Real estate tax (IBI), a municipal tax levied on ownership or possession of any real estate, is one of the highest and applied on any type (urban or rustic), except for a few exceptions. The amount to be paid is calculated according to the cadastral value, applying around 0.4 and 1.1% in the case of urban real estate and between 0.3 and 0.9% for the rustic. This rate is encrypted, on average, at about 475 euros per year per household.
  • Monthly bills from the neighborhood community, which are variable if there are any payments or unforeseen maintenance payments, for example.
    Supplies such as water, light or gas, although not made use have a minimum cost of maintenance. Even the phone line! The minimum light is usually about € 20, € 15 gas and telephone, if we have not dropped the line, up to about € 15 a month.
  • To all this must also be added the insurance payments, if you have, various maintenance, etc.

Having a home in property, even if it is not the first residence, implies a responsibility and care of which we are not aware until we see ourselves paying for services that we are not making use of.

It is best to leave the management of housing in the hands of professionals to facilitate their occupation as quickly as possible and with the maximum guarantees.