Has the tenant any right if I want to buy my 50% of the property rented?

I own 50% of a house on floor and floor. The flat is rented and I want to buy the other 50%. Does the tenant have any rights?

If a co-owner wants to buy the part of the other, and especially in the case of reference, the tenant has no preferential right of purchase for two fundamental reasons:

  • Because in this specific case we are talking about being a tenant of a floor that is part of a building that constitutes a single registration entity, ie, is not divided into horizontal property.
  • Because the owner of an undivided has, with respect to the rest of the co-ownership, a right of preferential acquisition that is superior to any right that corresponds to the lessee.

It should be clear that, because the property is consolidated in one hand, does not imply any risk to the tenant, as it will continue to be in the same conditions as it had to date.