Residential photovoltaic panels

Installing photovoltaic panels is a means to achieve personal financial savings and build more energy-efficient structures.


At AmatZonia, one of our main goals is to assist property owners in attaining energetically more efficient buildings. One way to achieve this is through Renewable Energy, particularly by installing photovoltaic panels.


These are essential improvement projects necessary for both individual economic savings and to contribute to the mitigation of climate change through the generation of green energy.


The Parliament of Catalonia passed Decree Law 28/2021, on December 21, amending the fifth book of the Civil Code of Catalonia. The purpose is to incorporate regulations for energy or water efficiency installations and promote renewable energy systems in buildings subject to the horizontal property regime. The objectives regarding self-consumption installations are as follows:

  • Agreements related to energy efficiency of buildings are approved by a simple majority.
  • Possibility of community financing to cover expenses arising from the execution of the works.


The most common types of installations are:
  • Individual installations in single-family homes.
  • Collective installations in multifamily homes, providing energy to common services and neighbours.

Photovoltaic installations can be combined with a green roof, providing a renewed purpose to our building roof. Often underestimated, this area holds numerous possibilities to explore.


It is crucial to highlight that in every scenario, a customized study is necessary to meet the actual needs. The closer the self-consumption is aligned with those needs, the higher the savings generated and the quicker the installation will be financially recovered.

Green roofs
The main benefits of a self-consumption installation include:
  • Achieving energy and financial savings by reducing the bill amount.
  • Efficient management of generated energy.
  • Streamlining access to electric vehicles powered by km 0 energy.
  • Reducing emissions from conventional systems.
  • Reducing reliance on external energy sources.
  • Fighting against climate change and improving air quality.


Furthermore, there are several significant forms of assistance to consider:
  • Property Tax (IBI) discounts provided by Municipalities: In certain instances, the municipality may cover up to 100% of the installation costs.
  • Support from ICAEN (Catalan Institute for Energy): While the funding has been exhausted, there is an ongoing call for applications to access these aid

Next Generation Funds can be used to undertake the installation as part of energy efficiency rehabilitation measures. In our blog, we offer comprehensive information about these funds and how to take benefit from them.


At AmatZonia, we are delighted to advise you on the best option for your residence to generate energy for self-consumption, maximizing all the associated advantages.


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