Pre-diagnosis building service to obtain rehabilitation buildings subsidies

Did you know that there are subsidies of up to 80% for building rehabilitation? At AmatZonia, we offer a pre-diagnosis service to obtain these subsidies.


We need buildings that are more energy-efficient, not only to preserve the environment, but also to reduce our bills by renovating and enhancing the value of the buildings. The rehabilitation buildings subsidies are aimed at achieving these improvements and contributing to climate change mitigation.


The Next Generation Funds main goal, is to facilitate the building rehabilitation in terms of energy efficiency, but they also subsidize other essential improvements on the properties. It is crucial to assess the condition of our building and understand the steps we can take to qualify for the building rehabilitation subsidies.


Through the building Pre-diagnosis service of AmatZonia, you obtain the Energy Efficiency Certificate, which provides detailed information about your energy consumption and areas where energy is wasted.


Based on this initial image of the building, we develop various options to achieve different levels of available assistance and present all the possibilities for improvement so that you can choose the option that best suits your needs as a property owner.


The Next Generation Funds provide assistance in three different levels.


Let’s remember that the Next Generation funds (NGF) consist of 3 levels of assistance, as shown in the following table. At AmatZonia, we will help you find the most appropriate solutions for your building, including energy, structural, and accessibility improvements.


Subsidized investment per housing unit based on energy consumption reduction
30% ≤ AC≤ 45% 40% 6,300€
45% ≤ AC≤ 60% 65% 11,600€
AC≥ 60% 80% 18,800€


These improvements are essential both for individual economic savings and for contributing to climate change mitigation, with buildings that consume less energy and are powered by green energy sources

It’s important to remember that the European Union has already set deadlines for these energy improvements. A few months ago, we shared all the details about the deadlines and actions being implemented on our blog, which you can find here.


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