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If in any subject agrees the entire real estate sector is in the need to rethink all urban issues. I am aware that urbanism is a delicate issue, which can generate large capital gains and that many of the corruption cases that are being judged today have to do with more or less proximity to […]

Currently, most of us would not be able to live without internet. If we compare other technological advances, the internet does relatively little that is part of our lives but it has come so strong and evolved so fast that it makes us wonder: what did we do without it? The Internet first entered the […]

A few days ago we organized together with FIABCI Spain the XI InmoInter days. This time there was a round table discussion with three Chambers of Commerce representative of the main foreign investors we have, and a second part with a global analysis of the foreign buyer made by Mark Stücklin. The three Chambers represented […]

On many occasions, because of the circumstances or needs of the sale of our property, we can not choose when to put it on sale but now, that spring begins, is the best time. Time improves and the mood and attitude of people, too! In addition, we can take advantage of the colors and light […]