At the end of 2017, we have to take stock, and the truth is that it has been a positive year from the point of view of the business: We have been able to achieve the objectives that we had set and we will explain both in the Market Report and the memory that we have already started to prepare.

We would like to focus on the last quarter, which has been very special as we all know, where a lot of things have happened. It has been a quarter full of uncertainties, a quarter where many influence people have discussed actively and passively that it was a disaster for the economy. It is true that it has had negative repercussions, another thing has been influenced by the political moment, the attacks or the “tourism phobia”. Surely it has been the sum of everything.

Despite this, the local real estate market has been alive, very much alive. The data for the fourth quarter reflect this:

  • For rent commercialization by volume: 27% more than the 4th quarter of 2017.
  • For sale commercialization by volume: 42% more than in 2016.
  • New Construction: 87% more than in 2016. Figures are mediated by the fact that in this last quarter we began the commercialization of several new developments and the start always entails a greater number of operations.
  • Resale properties: 33% more than 2016. We think that this data is the most important, because it is the market that normally suffers the most uncertainties and insecurities and grows when the citizen has confidence.
  • Luxury: 56% drop. Actually this segment of the market is the one that has really suffered. The foreign buyer has stopped and this has important consequences for the real estate, hotel, catering and certain commerce, and also suffer business schools.

It is necessary that all the organisms of the Public Administration, all the public-private entities and the civil society go to one to get to re-position the society of Barcelona in the world. We should also think about what to do to give a boost to the city and have the same impact and strength that the Olympic Games had in their day, since we have lived for many years of its impact.

We are happy because last November we inaugurated a new – and very beautiful! – Office in Sant Cugat. We want to invite our customers and friends to visit us. If you send us email proposing date, Joana, Guifré or I will be waiting to show you, we will be delighted!

We are happy because Joana and I have passed the General Direction to Guifré. We are sure that he is fully prepared and take on the challenge with enthusiasm, responsibility and commitment.


We are disappointed with the sector, which does not improve, dragging for many years problems that have become structural:

  • Lack of professionalisme
  • False self-employed
  • The “anything goes”


A public administration that does not have the capacity to provide the service that is needed: It takes more than a year and a half to give a license? Inconceivable in a modern state in the 21st century. We would worry less if it were in a municipality, in two, in three, … The problem is the system.


We are sad about the imprisonment of good people.

Kant said: the intelligence of an individual is evaluated by the amount of uncertainty that is capable of supporting.

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