Sign a rent contract of more years than stipulated by law?

I own an apartment and the tenant asks me for more time than the three years that the law says, what can I do?

The law sets a minimum time therefore it is perfectly legal to extend this time, in fact, in these moments of so much uncertainty, it seems strictly necessary, and positive for the owner, for him to be profitable the lease the most important thing is to have the building rented as long as possible, and for the tenant who needs and claims stability.

There are tenants who are already fine three years as it is the minimum period but if we put ourselves in the place of a family with children looking for rent apartment and we think that this implies new schools, new friends for the children etc, it will be good to be able to offer more years, the five that already had all assumed or more if it is possible.

Everything will depend on how we approach the rest of the contract conditions, the rent and above all the future increases will be decisive at the moment of thinking about a longer contract.

If you really find a good balance between time and price you will have the goal achieved.