4 technological concepts that arrive this 2018 to the real estate marketing

Undoubtedly technology is transforming our relationship with the world in many aspects. At the business level, it has become an indispensable tool in many sectors and has also made possible the birth of new ones. We are currently occupied by the power it has to change a stable sector, with entrenched and very traditional strategies, such as real estate marketing.

The technological aspects of which we speak next suppose and will suppose an impact of high level in the next times, beginning by this 2018 where it seems that already some of them are taking value.


We are, possibly, facing one of the most powerful tools at the level of real estate marketing that we currently have. Images and video are two main elements in the sector and capturing the attention of the potential customer with them is what leads us to use drones to get the most spectacular shots of the properties. In addition, in 2017 the use of video in online advertising was the most effective tool in advertising return and it seems that it has already been postulated as the closest future of marketing. We already used it in 2014 here.

Do not forget that immediacy is one of the values most appreciated by today’s society and the use of drones offers the opportunity to “visit” a property without the need to be there in person and in a faithful manner.


We start from the premise that mobile devices are currently fundamental and, therefore, a tool that we must keep in mind to manage our real estate marketing. The current property market is largely aimed at the millennial generation, which is much more familiar with mobile devices. Millennials invest much more time in their devices than any other potential customer, which makes mobile a very powerful marketing tool. In the sector you must make a total chip change and place first the mobile marketing campaigns.

Big Data

“Information is power” and also positive sales results. This statement is very close to the new reality and is that, thanks to the valuable information that is currently being stored in the cloud, the real estate sector will be much more transparent to the customer and, on the other hand, all the information of the customers. It will help to better understand the market and, in this way, its efficiency will be improved by the two actors. Demographic data, consumption patterns or needs by age or profession, will help very effectively the new real estate marketing.


A new technology, that of the blockchain, has come to stay and impose a new system of exchange of goods. This new payment system can help prevent fraud at the level of large investments by providing security for the possibility of identity verification in real estate transactions as well as creating a database of historical records.

This 2018 we are facing a paradigm shift in real estate marketing. One year PropTech. Technology will be the absolute protagonist of the new real estate business process.