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Today everyone talks about climate change and about equality between men and women; and some parts of the business world, fortunately, start to think in social responsibility as a fact beyond a tag to show off. Amat Immobiliaris many years ago started to keep a sustainable development. Without knowing it, Amat began to follow what […]

This month of October has been a very contradictory month. What has been positive? We have made a great investment in AMAT with the opening of a new office in the center of Sant Cugat, in 17 Rius i Taulet St.. It is a large office, of 260 sqm, sunny, modern and functional, with the […]

As every year we collect data from the real estate market to better understand their behavior. Following up we show you a summary of how it behaved the first semester of 2017 with regard to the sales market in Barcelona and its surroundings. In general, the sales market is still very active, especially in brand new Construction, […]

If in any subject agrees the entire real estate sector is in the need to rethink all urban issues. I am aware that urbanism is a delicate issue, which can generate large capital gains and that many of the corruption cases that are being judged today have to do with more or less proximity to […]