October, what a month!

This month of October has been a very contradictory month.

What has been positive?

We have made a great investment in AMAT with the opening of a new office in the center of Sant Cugat, in 17 Rius i Taulet St.. It is a large office, of 260 sqm, sunny, modern and functional, with the intention of giving the best possible service to our customers.

For Joana and for me it was an extraordinary satisfaction that we were awarded with the 2017 Personalities of the CECOT prize and the delivery was made by President Puigdemont.

For commercial agents, the Barcelona Meeting Point fair has been a success. This has been a Meeting Point with more exhibitors, more visitors, more contacts. We have made two operations, already derived, of information facilitated during those days.

What has been a constant?

Questions at all times, especially during the fair, because of the situation we are living as a country such as sales and rents diminish, the market has fallen, the investments are reduced, …

As usually, we speak from our reality, and it has been this:

  • If we add new and second hand properties, this October we have done 12% more operations than in September.
  • For rent it has been 26% more.

It should be noted, however, that the fact that we have started the commercialization of a promotion precisely this October has favored it. Surely, in some other areas there has been diminished, but it may not be bad for the sector. We ran a little too much. We already know that our opinion is not always welcome, but it is not good for the market the increase of land prices in Barcelona and surroundings because it is transferred to the price of homes and perhaps the time when supply and demand will not be aligned is coming soon.

When we talk about luxury housing and investments, it is true that there is a certain break, but none of the investors with whom we have been working for years. At the most it is expectant, and it is normal at a time when there is a certain insecurity.

What makes us sad?

That there are prisoners because of their ideas.
We think that we are in complicated moments but we will overcome it!