Urbanism equal to security

If in any subject agrees the entire real estate sector is in the need to rethink all urban issues. I am aware that urbanism is a delicate issue, which can generate large capital gains and that many of the corruption cases that are being judged today have to do with more or less proximity to urban planning issues, but taking this into account, it can’t neither paralyze the sector nor generate endless deadlines. We can’t have such a local view of these issues.

Urbanism is the tool that produces the raw material that the country needs to grow demographically, or in number of dwellings or residents of other countries who decide to live with us. Urbanism is also the tool to define where we place factories and logistics, and there’s no way that the production of this raw material is so slow, so unexpected, full of insecurities; It starts and it’s so hard to finish.. Nowadays, the world is very dynamic, everything goes very fast: trends, products, ways of life, demand, needs, … so with such a slow and heavy urbanism all this is difficult, and even more difficult to understand when behind a project there is a foreign investor. It simply surpasses it.

I know that the Catalan Government has been working for some time on new legislation. The sector demands it. It needs speed, that the laws are clear, that give us above all security. We need security!

Related to Sant Jordi

Now that Sant Jordi has passed, it seems like a good time to explain a project that we have long been carrying out and almost never explained: “Amat Culture”. Under this name we gather a series of activities related to the cultural world: book presentations and table of writers of Sant Cugat, cultural excursions in Barcelona with employees, gift of books and ceramics to clients, presentations, … We do it by vocation and tradition. We are a company always linked to cultural issues and we want to continue to do so more and more if it is possible.

Culture is the memory of the people, the collective consciousness of historical continuity, the way of thinking and living.
Milan Kundera, Czech novelist and essayist
Imma Amat
co-manager of Amat Immobiliaris