The Importance of Integrating Disability into Business

Just a few weeks ago we participated in the Labor Integration Day of People with Various Capacities organized by FemCAT. For us it was a special day as we actively participate in explaining in a video how this experience has been, in our case. A video that we recommend since, apart from ours, there are very enriching and interesting experiences.

At Amat Inmobiliaris we had some experience working with people with some type of disability, but they had been temporary experiences as business practices of some students of special centers. But it was in 2012 when, with the purchase of another company, we permanently incorporated a person with disabilities into our team. Since that day, Jose Maria is one more of Amat Inmobiliaris.

In Amat Inmobiliaris we still have a long way to go and get a company as diverse as the company itself

After all this time we can say that for us it has been a positive experience from many points of view. From the business point of view, as any other worker brings value to the company, yes, there is a continuous reflection of the tasks assigned and how to adapt them to the changes that are happening and to maximize the capabilities of these people. On the other hand, our experience has been very good from the point of view of improving team spirit. Jose Maria, in this case, has contributed a plus to the team, especially with those who interact constantly, and that is very valuable for the company and for the people who form it.

For us the help of a foundation, in our case the Aura Foundation, was very important when facing this incorporation and its subsequent follow-up. In Aura they make a process of guardianship that helps us all to find the best solutions along the professional route of Jose Maria in our company.

In the day we met many other cases of companies already involved in labor integration and it is clear that in Amat Inmobiliaris we still have a long way to go and get a company as diverse as the company itself.

Guifré Homedes

Office director