The rent of houses, an important subject with many derivatives

If you are patient and reread the newspapers, the rent issue has been one of the most recurrent for a long time. The rental of houses is the subject of a great debate for years. There is no week in which this topic is not in the media, there are no elections in which it is not one of the most debated topics. In fact, it has become a weapon that parties throw ones against the others, it is subject to regulations that are favourable for different groups in different moments. In the meantime, the problem is not solved, on the contrary, it is every day larger.

We have suffered the last few days. On December 18, a reform of the LAU came into effect with the publication in the BOE Official State Gazette of the Royal Decree of December 14 on urgent measures regarding housing and rent. This Decree Law modified things as important as the duration of contracts, distinguishing between whether the tenant is a natural or legal person, modified subject of guarantees and issues related to fees, etc.

On January 22, therefore, 35 days later, the Royal Decree Law was annulled by failing to obtain approval by a majority in the Congress of Deputies. And nothing happens here! Well yes that happens, because, from the outset, the people who signed leases in these 35 days of the Royal Decree have had to submit to conditions that will not have or signed the day before or the day after. From our point of view, it is an insecurity and frivolity that we believe we do not deserve as a society!

And other derivate question!

Lately, when we find companies like ours real estate services, and among them the Administration, one of the issues that are put on the table is the persecution that we all suffer from the Union of Tenants, especially because we are all companies with a strong social sensitivity, companies concerned and engaged in participating with the Administration in solving the problem of rent in Barcelona and surroundings, companies that distinguish ourselves by doing things well, to comply with all regulations, to try to minimize the problem evictions, … We are not speculative companies, we are service companies as there are so many in the country but, for the sole fact that services are real estate, we are labeled “bad”. We are companies with a good number of workers (the services have that, they need people), we all have the workers insured and I can assure that we do the job well, that from time to time there are problems with tenants, of course! It also happens with insurers, who have problems with some insured; as with maintenance companies, who have problems with one of their customers!

We are not against that there are organizations that look after the rights of the tenants, what hurts us is that they label, that they allow themselves to have a belligerent attitude per se and do not respect the good work of many professionals.

Immaculada Amat

Amat Immobiliaris President

From Diary of change January 2019