Selling a furnished flat, could it has fiscal issues?

I want to sell my apartment with all the furniture and appliances installed and the whole of everything has a considerable value. Can it affect the buyer from a fiscal point of view?

Often in the resale real estate market this situation occurs, when the seller wants to sell the apartment or house with all the furniture and appliances, since it can used in the new home. Obviously this represents a price increase.

In a large majority of cases these issues are not consulted and absolutely unnoticed, but if we study the case thoroughly, we can surely save an important amount of money, which although it will not be very important, will surely be a saving that will always help us to reduce the amount of the value of the high taxes levied on the sale of a property.

How to do it?

In first place, it is necessary to record the value of the dwelling and the furniture separately in the deed of sale, attaching an inventory with the valuation.

What will we save?

For the value of the house we will settle the 10% rate, while the value assigned to the furniture will be settled at the 4% rate.

Could it be a problem to do the double liquidation?

Any problem. As long as the value assigned to the home is at least the cadastral value multiplied by the coefficient corresponding to the city where the property is located. These are the values ​​considered as minimum by the Generalitat de Catalunya to consider the operation as a non-priority check.