Amat and the sustainable development commitment

Today everyone talks about climate change and about equality between men and women; and some parts of the business world, fortunately, start to think in social responsibility as a fact beyond a tag to show off.

Amat Immobiliaris many years ago started to keep a sustainable development. Without knowing it, Amat began to follow what would be called 2030 Agenda of the sustainable development of SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) until today.

This summer I was wondering how many of the 17 SDGs our company may be following and accomplishing, because if I have to tell you de truth I had never noticed at that before.

The result surprised me. Here I specify it ordering them as we were applying them in the company.

Gender equality

We were pioneers searching conciliation formulas to upgrade the women’s job. 35 year ago, we adapted the work calendar to the school calendar, and we implemented the teleworking, and maternity.



We have been an innovative company in many areas, starting with the technology, improving the customer service and allowing the conciliation. Innovating in marketing, in CRM (customer relationship management), in databases to improve our service, in relational marketing, in the communication creating different ways with our customers like our conferences.

Innovation creates value and increases benefits, we must keep in mind that a company without benefits can never get this social commitment of the SDGs because before of that it will have disappeared.


Can we do something for poverty? Yes, we can. Work to reduce evictions providing information and helping renters to obtain available resources from different administrations. And not putting the tenants or the buyers in a financial risk, advising them properly.


Decent job

In Amat Immobiliaris there isn’t wage gap, and of course all our employees are into the Social Security. We have publicly denounced more than once the false self-employed that are so common in our industria.

Energy, Water and Climate Action

Since 2015 our Patrimonial department proactively proposes energy efficiency solutions, water recycling and all those actions that add value to the improvement of the environment.


Health & Wellness

We take care of the buildings; we work to improve the insulation. We know that a bad isolation is related to people’s health, and it can an increase in lung diseases.

Responsible consumption

Elimination of unnecessary paper, digitalization of the company saving thousands and thousands of papers.


Sustainable cities and communities

Amat Immobiliaris is part of organizations that work to build better cities. We are part of the Observatori Metropolità de l’Habitatge and Barcelona Global.

Partnerships to achieve objectives

Our struggle for women has led us to make alliances with the Fundació Fidem that works to help young entrepreneurs and Copersona who works to achieve a new model of social co-responsibility.

We are on the board of Respon Cat that works in the effective social responsibility, in the patronage of the Mútua de Propietaris whose mission is the elimination of architectural barriers, and in the patronage of EADA, Egarsat, RACC, etc.

11 of the 17 objectives of the SDG is a good number, and we are absolutely convinced that if many of our customers or suppliers did the same analysis we did, they could have the same number or more.

This is the way and the best future to have competitive and, at the same time, socially responsible companies.

Go ahead and keep going!

Joana Amat

Vice President Amat Immobiliaris