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The Catalan Parliament has approved this Wednesday the law against the conflicting occupations that cause problems of coexistence in the neighboring communities. The law approved in the Catalan Parliament this week against occupations that cause coexistence difficulties, has fallen short, once again. At Amat we believe that the law to evict conflicting squatters is insufficient […]

It seems like for the past 2 years teleworking is the order of the day, and it is a fact that we have all integrated it as a normal thing, but at Amat we were already prepared to be able to telework long before COVID-19 arrived. When the pandemic sent us all home, it was […]

As in recent years, 2021 has been a year full of scares, but a good year for the real estate market. We started the year with many restrictions, but we were quickly turning towards optimism as the vaccination progressed; despite that, with all the coronavirus cases we have ended up having, recovery has been much […]

The first quarter of 2021 has passed without realizing it. Today, in most of the companies including ours they try to offer the best possible service while resolving multiple exceptional situations that the pandemic has brought us; sick leave due to quarantine, complicated tenant situations that need to be resolved, regulations that have been changing. […]

Today everyone talks about climate change and about equality between men and women; and some parts of the business world, fortunately, start to think in social responsibility as a fact beyond a tag to show off. Amat Immobiliaris many years ago started to keep a sustainable development. Without knowing it, Amat began to follow what […]

This month of October has been a very contradictory month. What has been positive? We have made a great investment in AMAT with the opening of a new office in the center of Sant Cugat, in 17 Rius i Taulet St.. It is a large office, of 260 sqm, sunny, modern and functional, with the […]