How to reduce internet and electricity bills in our home

Saving is basic in times like the ones we live in. It is not only about personal economy, it’s in general about the planet’s resources. The trend is towards sustainability and is only achieved with small actions.

One of the spaces in which most of our effort is spent is in electricity, therefore, the first action to take should be to recognize the best offer to hire the service. To guide us, we can review the opinions about the Endesa One electricity rate, which will indicate the way in which users and customers conceive it. Alike, we must observe Endesa‘s flat electricity rate that will help us to establish the amount that we will finally pay for the service.

Between the electricity and gas companies

We should remember that the Spanish energy market is extremely competitive and offers many options; it is similar to the situation with internet services. Comparing electricity and gas rates offers us an overview of the services available in terms of prices, conditions, rates and related services, among other things that are explained in the following article. This way, you will make the best possible decision. Here we break down some aspects to take into account:

  • Electricity has more facilities and devices that depend on it.
  • Gas is less polluting and cheaper.
  • The use of gas can be restricted to heating, cooking and sanitary water, while electricity is more versatile.
  • Both can be combined and get the best of each option, considering aspects of the installation and the necessary equipment.

Internet: quality and management

The case of internet services is more complex, requiring a comparison of quality and management, but, in addition, we also have to assess whether we want ADSL or optical fiber. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. Unlike electricity and gas, it is an expanding world with options like the speed and availability. Day by day, fiber optic networks grow, and that is why it is necessary to assess this aspect. Cost is another important variable, but the purpose for which we hire the internet must always be judged because this will determine our investment. Here you can view aspects of each of the options that exist in the market, as well as the companies that offer them.

Post written by an external contributor