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With the New Year, Amat always prepare a calendar for all our clients, suppliers and collaborators. Every year we dedicate it to a specific theme, and for this 2021 we have wanted to support culture, specifically poetry. This year we have chosen 12 poems by different representative Catalan authors that we have placed on the pages […]

We have started a new year with the AMAT 2020 Calendar and this time we have collaborated with the APRENEM Association to talk about the autistic spectrum disorder and to escape from the taboos. Every year the AMAT Calendar focus about a different topic and this 2020 we did it in autistic spectrum disorder. On […]

A few months ago, a television ad has internally provoked the API collective: it is the ad that compares the collective API with a dinosaur. In some cases some agents of the collective have complained publicly that this advertisement discredits the profession, which is misleading advertising or unfair competition. And what do we think? Sincerely, […]

Happy At the end of 2017, we have to take stock, and the truth is that it has been a positive year from the point of view of the business: We have been able to achieve the objectives that we had set and we will explain both in the Market Report and the memory that […]