2023 Sant Jordi: Books and roses

Celebrate this 2023 Sant Jordi in the best way, surrounded by books, roses and in the company of authors and book lovers.

In 2023, so far, Amat Cultura has sponsored 4 TOT Sant Cugat book presentations, so today we take a look at these books and their authors to celebrate the Day of the Books and Roses in Catalonia. This 2023 Sant Jordi the streets of Barcelona will be filled, as usual, with book lovers searching for books and their authors, including one on our list!


Discover our 4 books for this 2023 Sant Jordi


32 MARÇ by Xavier Bosch

The novel tells the story of Barbara Hébrard, an agent writer who settles in Paris at her grandmother’s house, Margaux, with whom she has a special bond. One morning in 2008, Barbara finds a stranger sleeping on her sofa, an enigmatic photographer who will accompany our protagonist on an unexpected quest where she will discover the secrets of Margaux who survived the Nazi occupation.


The book analyzes the role of journalism in the service of Nazism and how photojournalism commissioned by the Germans was used as a weapon of mass seduction. The author presented his new book in March in the Tot Sant Cugat book presentation, where he talked about his novel. You can also check this other interview that Cugatmedia did.

📌Passeig de Gràcia (between Aragó street and Valencia street) from 11 a.m. to 12 noon


Sense càstig: Deu crims impunes by Tura Soler and Jordi Grau

Tura Soler and Jordi Grau, investigative journalists, review some of the cases that still bother them due to being crimes that haven’t been resolved, since the perpetrator has not been found, or it has not been possible to incriminate the suspect with conclusive evidence. The authors take us through 10 crimes and reveal the mysteries, truths, and unknowns of some unpunished murders that they will always remember.


Watch out the book launch hosted by TOT Sant Cugat!


Deliciosament Cícliques by Gina Estapé

The author of Instagram account @myhealthybites, Gina Estapé, a dietitian and nutritionist, explains in her book how the female body work, how to adapt a diet to fit the phases of the menstrual cycle and which nutrients are key to maximize your well-being. Plus, she shares 67 healthy and delicious recipes!

Biotiful Moments by Chloé Sucrée

“I always look for my biotiful moments whenever I can. They don’t have to be special days. I rather try to make something extraordinary from something ordinary. It’s all a matter of perspective, a good attitude and putting your heart into it. I invite you to do the same. You’ll be surprised how many magical moments can happen.”


Chloé Sucré, photographer and founder of vegetarian cooking blog Being Biotiful includes 90 recipes in its fourth book which aims to show that cooking goes beyond a daily act. To prove it she has chosen 10 biotiful moments, where we find Route Trips or Feeling good among others.


Amat wishes you a happy 2023 Sant Jordi! See you on Sunday in the streets of Barcelona between roses and books.