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arcelona is consolidated as the 6th best city in the world to live, however, the displacement to the city of those who come to live here implies a temporary change of residence instead of a permanent one, and the client needs a seasonal rental flat.


More and more people, attracted by a myriad of reasons, come to live in Barcelona. Among the most common are work or studies. Our climate, the sea, the mountains, the infrastructures, the multinationals, the business schools or the food, make Barcelona an irresistible city.


Resonance Consultancy, responsible for preparing the report World’s Best Cities, defines Barcelona as “the European city almost ideal”, thanks to its “almost perfect year-round” climate, “surprising architecture” and “colourful neighbourhoods” that are artistic, sophisticated and bohemian.


The needs of those who come to live in the city are almost as broad as the reasons, which is why there are differences when it comes to renting a home. On the one hand, there is the standard housing rental and the seasonal accommodation, different, in turn, from the holiday rental.

30341 - Piso único en el Eixample
30341 – Piso único en el Eixample

Home rental and seasonal rental: differences

The first are contracts for habitable urban housing and whose objective is to satisfy the indefinite or permanent need of the tenant, while seasonal rentals seek transitory accommodation and with temporary aspirations.


Seasonal rental clients must justify the duration of their stay in Barcelona with a document that accredits it and confirms that the rented property will not be his habitual residence.


The duration of stay is the easiest and fastest way to determine the rental regime you apply.

  • Standard rental: Minimum between 6 months and 1 year, according to the contract clause, and maximum 5 or 7 years, depending on whether the property is a legal entity or an individual.
  • Seasonal rental: Minimum 32 days. In this case, there is no set maximum, but the length duration is determined by the project for which the client comes to live in Barcelona.
  • Holiday Rental: Max. 31 days.

Obviously, the needs and what the tenant is looking for in the property varies according to the type of rental, and so does the way in which the owners present the property.

Seasonal rental tenants need perfectly furnished and equipped flats to arrive with their suitcase and settle in quickly and comfortably. That is why our owners offer furnished and equipped flats in detail, charm, dedication and where the tenant is comfortable, as if he were at home from the beginning.


While when it comes to buying a home, studies say that 94% of buyers search for it online, when renting temporary is almost 100%. Not surprisingly, since many of these tenants do not live in the city, sometimes not even in the country. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare the floor to make it as attractive as possible and thus attract the attention of the client.

30206- Alquiler Temporada
30206 – Piso con vistas al mar

Recommendations so that the client’s stay in your temporary rental property is a good experience in every way.

Practical, functional furniture for all audiences.

This type of tenant wants to feel at home from the beginning, and the fastest way to achieve that feeling is to make the space feel comfortable. As the owner, the objective is to find a balance and achieve a style that can fit with all types of clients, wherever the tenant comes from.


Basic appliances and utensils.

As we have already mentioned, comfort and not having to worry about anything is essential for this type of tenant. You expect to have the same basic needs that you have at home, including appliances. Think of household appliances that make our lives easier and utensils for daily use, especially in the kitchen, which offer the tenant a feeling of maximum comfort. The objective as an owner is that your client does not miss anything that he would have in his habitual residence, while enjoying your property.

Minimum investment by the tenant.

It offers the maximum service so that the tenant does not have to invest in the basics that are available at home. By this, we mean sheets, towels, bath mats, etc., they must be at your disposal and in perfect condition.


WIFI, plugs and space for the computer

At the beginning we talked about the main reasons for coming to live in Barcelona are work or studies, so Wi-Fi will be a basic requirement for practically all clients. In addition, a space set up for a laptop or as a work area is very attractive to tenants.


And speaking of technology… plugs are the great forgotten when we talk about basic things that we all have in our home. Change a normal plug for one that also incorporates 2 USB sockets. Thus, you increase the number of plugs in the home, the customer forgets about converters, since USB is international, and your investment is minimal.

Alquiler temporal

Palnts and artificial flowers for decoration

The presence of plants in a residence enhances its appeal when evaluating a temporary residence. Make sure they are artificial, so neither you nor your tenant have to worry. This will prevent plants of being neglected, which would make you flat look bad.


The goal of temporary rentals is to have clean, tidy, and impeccable homes so that clients have minimal unforeseen and inconvenience. They are customers who visit our city for a short period of time. We want them to get the best impression of our city and the flat that has welcomed them during their stay with us.

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