Meeting Rosa Llorens, Insurance Consultant at Amat Immobiliaris

I’m Rosa Llorens, Insurance Consultant at Amat Immobiliaris.

In order to advise new owner communities, it is interesting to analyze what the current insurance coverage and its price are, in order to verify that the optimal coverages are included and at the lowest possible price. In this sense, we must review the guarantees, one by one, as the insurance companies, in order to differentiate themselves from the competition, are taking new products to market and it is important to be up to date in this aspect.

Another interesting aspect of my work is that it allows me to contact many people, both the presidents of the communities of owners and the owners themselves, and that is always enriching.

Mútua de Propietarios is the first insurance company that was born in the Spanish state. It has 183 years of expertise and that allows it to always be one step ahead of its competitors, being able to offer innovative products at a very competitive price. The mediators are always informed of any change and we receive training courses to learn about Mutua’s products and services, a fact that is also stimulating.