Has the community anything to do about the placement of a sign at the façade?

The owner of a commercial establishment wants to put a sign on the facade. Is it possible without any authorization from the Community?

The placement of a sign implies the alteration of a common element: the facade. It should therefore have Community authorization. However, current horizontal division deed usually foresee this possibility (subject to aesthetic measures) of installing signs without authorization, in this case the stipulations of the writing prevail. Two details in this regard, the decision of the Board should be taken by majority, and it may be of interest to know that the lintel of your door is not understood to be part of the facade and does not affect, for this reason:

  • The law of unanimity. We advise you, however, to request permission from the community, if only for courtesy.

Finally, and from the most practical point of view, we must have in mind that most of the municipalities (if not all), request the corresponding permission and in order to obtain it must be attached the community permission or the deed that authorizes the placement.