Thoughts about 2018 Meeting Point, and more

It took me longer than usual to make this latest Diary of Change as we wait to assess the results of the 2018 Meeting Point held in October and to know about the latest decisions of the Administration that affect the real estate sector.

This 2018 Meeting Point Edition has produced contradictory sensations. On one hand, it is true that the BMP was positive because the layout of the stands was different from other years and we thought it looked better. In addition, they have been larger and brighter. It looks like we’re getting better! On the other hand, the Symposium talks have been very interesting and, due to the BMP last one day less, allowed us to better concentrate the efforts.

As always, there are two “Meeting Point”: the professional one and the one focused on the  general public. The days focused on the professional sector have been very active, with a lot of networking. It has been very helpful. On the other hand, the days for the general public have been weaker than in other years since there have been fewer visits. If we analyze it from the commercial point of view, it shows that nowadays attending to a fair makes less sense for potential costumers. What do they find? A concentration of supply when the real estate websites and portals also have it? Even so, today we can say that we have made 3 sales that came directly from the BMP contacts.

Also for us, for AMAT, it was the space where we were able to present two innovations:

  • GreenDEX, it is a green indicator that relates housing and health. With the GreenDEX and the GreenMAP we inform about the quality and quantity of the green next to the properties that we commercialize in the city of Barcelona. From our point of view, the existence of green areas in a housing environment improves the environmental health and famílies well-being.
    At the moment we are the only ones who offer this service in order to inform our customers, but we hope that the rest of the sector will join us soon.
  • The new regulation of 30% of social housing

After months of talking, filling pages and pages in the media, on December 5 there was an agreement between the City Council and the Generalitat. Surely we could get to agree with its heart but surely we are not with the way to do so.

It will take time to assess the consequences for the real estate sector and also the social benefits but as a first reflection we are struck by several things:

  • That an important and transcendental topic like this is approved 6 months after the local elections.
  • That there has not been a great debate. Interestingly there have been discussions after the approval by the City Council.
  • That the limit where the application of this regulation is necessary is 600 sqm.
  • That this burden is imposed on the promoters as a result of having been the Administration unable to get a public-private collaboration to develop social housing, as it exists in education and health issues.
  • We are concerned about the issue, as we have historically been worried about the lack of rental housing in Barcelona and the distrust, also historical, in relation to the real estate sector (and we have never been promoters …).

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