Do you know how reforming your house without having any problem?

A few years ago, the percentage of reforms in homes has grown considerably. Whether it is due to the last crisis or the lack of offer to acquire new homes, it is decided to modify the property to improve it and live there or to get more benefit in case of selling it since, according to experts, it can revalue up to 20% of its price.

Making renovations at home, however, can be more difficult than we think. Apart from what works involve, whether they are minor or major works, with respect to those who live in -if there is no possibility of living in other place while works are being carried out-,  other points must be taken into account at a legal and economic level in order to avoid reforms become an economic nightmare.

Here are some recommendations:

First, budget

A budget for making reforms is not an easy task. First, choose the provider after seeing different and do it taking into account price, quality and time. On the other hand, materials and quality, which can make vary the final price a lot, that is why it is important to ask for a price breakdown of everything that will be used. Once we have this decided we must also close the estimated duration to carry out the reforms and also take into account the VAT.

Second, the contract

After asking for the budget and accept it, it must be transformed into a valid contract signed by the two parties where everything agreed previously appears in a clear and specific way to avoid any subsequent problem. Thus, the final price, the form of payment, the delivery date, the agreed qualities and the penalties for delays in delivery must appear. In addition to all the necessary clauses so that the reforms are a success.

Third, work licenses

It is, perhaps, one of the most important points if we do not want to fall into a very large legal error. We must bear in mind that not all works need a license and each one of the permits is granted depending on each municipality. Knowing this, there are three types of works for which permission must be requested:

  • Modification of the structure of the property
  • Alteration of community elements
  • Change of use (premises – housing, housing- premises)

Applications must be made on behalf of the owner or developer.

Fourth, how manage other people’s annoyances

Making reforms at home can always annoy the neighbors so it is very important to notify them. In addition, we must know that you must notify the community of neighbors and ask for permission. On the other hand, as long as all the relevant permits are available, it will only be a matter of deference to keep the neighbors informed so that they know the work schedules and take into account the noises that may arise.