Presentation of the 5th edition of the 2016 Real Estate Market Report

Yesterday March 22nd, we presented at a press conference the 5th edition of the Real Estate Market Report where we exposed the data extracted during 2016 in relation to rental, second-hand sale, sale of new construction and luxury real estate in Barcelona, Sant Cugat, Sant Just Desvern and surroundings.

Guifré Homedes, manager of our office in Barcelona, ​​led the event along with the intervention of the co-general directors, Immaculada and Joana Amat, during the open question-and-answer session where attending journalists were especially interested in the rental situation in Barcelona.

According to Guifré Homedes “this year has been marked by a certain normalization of the real estate market of sale and tension of the real estate rental market.” In relation to the sale, “the number of operations has experienced a growth of 94% and a rotation of between 4-5 months on average,” according to data collected in the Market Report.

The challenge facing 2017 is mainly to “generate an offer to relax rental prices” since a significant increase in delinquency is expected because “people are renting to the limit of their possibilities.” For sale, if sales rhythms are sustainable this year “it’s because there is a retained demand bag that has savings”, but “we are generating expectations with prices out of the market.”

Among other issues, Joana and Immaculada Amat have expressed their struggle for the habilitation of premises as housing and favor the rent accessible to the elderly people, rethinking the urban planning of the cities and modifying the Law of horizontal property: “There are computed 15,000 vacant premises that do not Are going to be rented again, “said Joana Amat

The event ended with a breakfast with the media assistants where they have finished sharing the data collected in the Market Report, and their impressions.

In this link you can download the complete Market Report,
here the video and photos.

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