Is Moscow´s gold coming back?

This coming October 19th starts a new edition of the Barcelona´s Meeting Point real estate tradeshow. In this edition you´ll find two parallel shows:  The Russian Meeting Point (from October 19th to 21st)  and the Barcelona Meeting Point (from October 19th to 23rd). Both shows take place at the same pavilion with the purpose of facilitating the relationship into real estate professionals and prospective buyers.

The Russian Meeting Point is an exclusive show with a reduced number of Spanish real estate professionals. Its main goal is to establish links and contacts between the Russian real estate professionals and the Russian public administration.

This encounter is a good chance to do the kind of networking that in the future could translate into business. This show address an actual real estate market need.  The amount of investments made by foreigners have grown significantly in Barcelona, especially by Russians. Our latest studies show that this particular buyer is interested in residential real estate, preferably beachfront areas and new developments.

This demand has grown significantly over the last year, so much so that most of our Barcelona´s office home sales were to foreign buyers, especially at Illa del Mar, a new development located on a beachfront area of the city. 80% of the sales were to foreign buyers, most of them from Russia. This phenomenon brings changes to the market. On August 2010, we experienced a slow sales month, whereas this year, August has become our best sales ‘month.