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Yesterday La Nit de la Construcció was held again, organized by the Col·legi de l’Arquitectura Tècnica de Barcelona (CATEB), being its 25th edition, where professionals from technical architecture and the construction sector meet year after year. During the night, the 19th Catalunya Construcció Awards are given to recognize the efforts of professionals and executives to […]

Last week we published the 2020 Market Report made with our data where we explained how we live the rental and sale real estate market, new and second-hand, during a year that was complicated and very different that we had ever lived before. We called the press on a terrace in Barcelona to explain that […]

We have had GreenDEX in most of the cities where we have real estate for a long time. And this past September it arrived in one of our important cities: Sant Cugat. Now we have almost 100% of our properties covered by GreenDEX. However, maybe we should clarify some concepts that are still not completely […]

Holidays are over and “as the world does not stop… we keep going!” We are surrounded by uncertainties, concerns, fears… but at the same time we are providing the best possible service at all times, we want to keep growing, we bet on the future, we are full of enthusiasm, new ideas and illusions, we […]

Last Friday we presented our 2019 Market Report in an online conference, and we take the opportunity to also show our COVID Crisis Management Report. We explain the current numbers because the situation has changed from last year and there was no point in talking only about the 2019 numbers, we know that the current […]

In mid-May we published the 2019 Market Report where we explain which were the trends last year. In general lines, the 1st semester had a rate of sales similar to 2018 and a practically flat evolution of prices. In the case of the rental market, we live with constant legislative changes, a total of 6. Because […]