Does the new law of urban leases allow us to do what we want when renting a flat?

First, we have to clarify that we do not have a new law of urban leases, but that the law 4/2013 is a law of measures of flexibilization and promotion of the housing rental market, therefore now coexist with this law, the law of leases of 1994 and the leasing law of 1964, where certain articles have been repealed but others remain.

That said, although he talks about flexibilization and it is true that he is much more flexible, he also ends up regulating some issues, such as, for example, the minimum duration.

In fact, what this new law has done, the order of priority was modified so that the agreement between the parties to the contract will always be taken into account, after what the law of leases says in Title II and the civil code will be supplementary. , when until now we had the law first, then the contract and finally the civil code.

All this only means one thing, and that is that the contract becomes from now on the key piece of the whole relationship with the tenant, we can no longer think that the law will fix it, if we have not foreseen it in the contract we can have serious dislikes.

Therefore a good contract is the key to any future lease.