Smart mailboxes arrive to Barcelona

Smart mailboxes have arrived to stay in new housings. A Spanish company has developed a project to help disregard those people who spend a large part of the day away from home and wait for parcels. Now it is the parcel that waits for the client.

Through encrypted mailboxes and a mobile application, users can easily pick up their order in their own building, which optimizes delivery processes and considerably reduces the waiting time since with a regular mailbox the client who is not at home at the time of delivery has to pick up the parcel in the nearest collection point, which usually increases the waiting time.

The real estate sector is becoming more technological and this new system adds value to it as it is gradually being integrated into new buildings. Old mailboxes give way to a model that adapts to buyers’ behaviour who increasingly make online purchases.

In addition, mailboxes are customizable in size and color and adapt to the style of each building in order to suit with the interior design.

It is a good solution to the current style of life and it will serve to improve it.