How can the reparcelling of a newly acquired lot affect you?

I am in negotiations to buy a lot and checking the registry if there was a charge, I have learned of the existence of a note stating that the site is subject to payment of the final settlement of the reparcelling account. Can this inscription harm me? What should I do to make it disappear?

When these charges appear we are in front of a lot that comes from a reparcelling file, possibly as a result of the execution of a partial plan and as a consequence, because there is the lot as such, it has been necessary to do some urbanization works and some equipment, that have been paid by all the owners of the Plan. This type of registration is made precisely to guarantee that these payments will be taken care of. The site responds in case the owner does not pay the corresponding fees of the Compensation Board and could, if necessary, be auctioned in order to meet the payments. It is also necessary to bear in mind that this debt is preferred to other debts that are recorded on the site in the Land Registry.

As the buyer of the site we recommend three checks:

  1. That the urbanization works have been completely finished
  2. That the City Council agrees with what has been carried out
  3. That the seller paid them in full

Once these checks have been made to obtain the cancellation of the registry entry, it is necessary on the one hand that the City Council certifies that the urbanization works have been approved and received and on the other hand that the Compensation Board certifies that all the urbanization fees have been paid.