Do you know how to protect your home if you go on vacation?

As every year the Mossos make us arrive the best security measures to take when we leave home for holidays if we do not want to have any displeasure to return. We have compiled them for you to consider.

When you go on vacation:

  • Store valuables in safe places.
  • Close all accesses with key and connect the alarm.
  • It is convenient that you have an inventory of objects with the serial number, the mark and the model: it facilitates the identification of the objects in case of theft.
  • Notify trusted people of your absence.
  • Avoid explaining that you are going to be away from home if you talk to strangers.
  • Do not leave visible signs that make you think you are away from home.
  • Do not show that the house is left uninhabited.
  • Do not leave the answering machine any message on which you are deducted that you are out. You can activate call divert so that you can always respond.
  • Ask someone to pick up the mail.

And if you stay at home, it is always worth taking these measures:

  • Do not open the door to strangers.
  • Always ask for identification of water, electricity, gas or telephone personnel and check the service by calling the company. Be wary of the telephone number provided by the possible installer.
  • Collect daily correspondence to prevent outsiders from using your personal data.
  • Always lock the access doors to the street.
  • Close the entrance door of the building and check that no stranger takes to enter.
  • Do not leave the keys in the outer lock, under the carpet of the entrance, or in the mailbox, or any other hiding place outside the home.
  • If you lose the keys, change the locks.
  • If you live in isolated houses, install automatic timers for lighting the interior or exterior lights of the home.

Notify the police if:

  • You hear a strange noise or you notice the presence of people with suspicious attitude near your address, do not hesitate to call the police.
  • You observe forced doors or windows or indications that a robbery could have occurred, stay calm, do not touch anything and notify the police, that will indicate the steps to follow and will do the proper investigation with specialized personnel.