1. Propietary of the web

The web site of Amat. immobiliaris has been developed in order to allow public access and provide information on the activities of the group companiesAmat. Immobiliaris:

AMAT FINQUES, SL NIF B60441995 registered in the commercial Register page nº 73, established nº63-65 street Bonavista, 08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona – Espanya)

SAMAR GANTA, SL NIF B61328167 registered in the commercial Register page nº 1, established nº 2 Plaça de Can Cadena, 08197 Valldoreix (Barcelona – Espanya)

INVESCAT, SL NIF B64071046 registered in the commercial Register page nº 52, established nº 63-64 street Bonavista , 08960 Sant Just Desvern (Barcelona – Espanya)

The intellectual property of web content, design and source codes are owned by AMAT FINQUES, SL.

  1. Links

Through the site you can access late product information or different entities
Amat. Immobiliaris. As well as those that will be accessible through links and connections.

Amat. Immobiliaris will not take assume responsibility of information that does not belong to the company’s own sources.

Amat. Immobiliaris will not take assume responsibility for the contents of links from your website, links are provided for user convenience.


  1. Privacy and data security

The information you provide will be treated exclusively Amat. Immobiliaris
in order to respond to and manage contact requests from users, even confidentially, and without these data may be disclosed to third parties without the express consent of the persons concerned, in accordance with the provisions of the law 15/1999 data Protection.

It is understood that the user has given his consent to the processing of their personal data, by sending any of the forms duly completed today or later be included in the web Amat. Immobiliaris.


AMAT FINQUES SL y SAMAR GANTA SL han obtingut la preceptiva autorizació de l’agència de Protecció de Dqades, i té implementades les mesures de seguretat legalment establertes. igualment l’informem que la remissió de les dades, implica autorizació per a l’enviament de comunicacions comercials, a l’empara del que estableix l’articles 21 de la Lleis 34/2002. El titular de les dades pot oposar-se a rebre comunicacions comercials, així com excercitar els drets d’accés, rectificació i cancel·lació legalment establerts, mitjançant comunicaciño al domicili social d’AMAT FINQUES SL o SAMAR Ganta SL.

AMAT FINQUES SL y SAMAR GANTA SL have obtained the required authorization from the Data Protection Agency, and has implemented the security measures established by law. also advised that sending data implies authorization for sending commercial communications, pursuant to the provisions of article 21 of Law 32/2002. The data holder can object to receiving marketing communications and exercise rights of access, rectification and cancellation legally established, either by the registered office of FINQUES AMAT SL or SL SAMAR GANTA.


  1. Update and modification of web

Amat. Immobiliaris reserves the right to update, modify or delete information contained on the website www.amatfinques.es without notice or liability.


  1. Technical aspects

Amat. Immobiliaris is not responsible for any of the possible computer problems, interferences, omissions or disconnections in the operation of the electronic system due to causes unrelated to the company.