This Cookie Policy is part of  AMAT IMMOBILIARIS Privacy Policy. Web’s access and navigation or the utilization of its services imply acceptance of our use of cookies and the present Policy.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are files or devices downloaded to a users computer with the purpose of storing, recovering and/or updating data. They allow us to facilitate you the navigation through the website, guarantee access to specific functionalities, and, additionally, help us to improve the quality of the page according to the habits and styles of navigation of each user.

Every time there is a possibility to relate a specific device and a specific browser to a user the privacy can be compromised and for that matter we inform you of the existent topology of cookies and specifically the used in amatimmobiliaris and how to disable it through the browser configuration.

Typology of the used cookies

With the purpose of guaranteeing your privacy and so you  can have full control over your decisions related to the use of Cookies, we inform you that in amatimmobiliaris we can use the next types of Cookies:

Analytic or statistic analysis Cookies: this cookies’ (-utma, -utmb, -utmc and -utmz) are established by Google Analytics and are used to do statistic analysis and write reports that help us improve our web pages.

This cookies collect information anonymously from our visitors, including the number of visitors our page has, identify the web that redirected them to ours, pages visited in our web, time spent on each page, events that has been used… (Consult

Session Cookies: this are the ones that expire once the user closes the browser. That is to say, that are the cookies that are assigned to the device you are browsing on for the time you are visiting our  web page and disappear automatically when the browser is closed.

Permanent Cookies: this are the ones that expire once they accomplished its purpose, therefor, they don’t have to close automatically when the session is closed.

Third Party Cookies: this are the ones that are sent to the user’s terminal from a computer or domain that is not managed by AMAT IMMOBILIARIS, but by another entity that treats the data obtained through cookies, for example from a social network.

Likewise, its possible that in a visit to our page or when opening an email in which an advertisement or a promotion is published about our products or services, a cookie is installed in your browser that will serve to show further advertisement related to the search you have made, so we can control our ads in relation, for example, the with the number of times they are seen, where do they appear, at what time they are seen, etc.

All of this cookies help us improve the service we offer, thus we can guarantee that our users can find the information they want.

Identification of the used cookies

Amatimmobiliaris web page uses its own cookies or first party, and customization, that allow the user to set up elements like the language or the the country of dispatch so it can have a better browsing experience.

Furthermore, Amatimmobiliaris  web page uses analytic cookies, that allow us to perform a statistic analysis of how users use our service. This web page uses the service of Google Analytics that is provided by Google INC, entity located at 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain Viwe (California) CA 94043, United States and included in the list Safe Harbor of the United States Government.

Disable cookies

The user who does not want to receive or keep cookies in its computer or wants to be informed of its fixation can configure its browser’s settings to that effect. Some web functionalities may not work properly in case of disabling them.

You can find information on how to disable cookies, depending on the browser used, on the pages below:

Updates and changes in the cookie policy

The amatimmobiliaris Web, can change this Cookie Policy without notice, according to technical requirements or regulations, or to adapt that policy to Agencia Española de Protección de Datos (Spanish Agency of Data Protection) issued instructions, for that it is recommended to the users to visit it periodically.