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Our Philosophy

The company’s aim
Amat. seeks recognition by its clients and society as a different real estate company.
The company’s work
Amat.’s object is to advise, manage and act as an intermediary in the real estate sector, always seeking the utmost profitability, within the scope of absolute professionalism and honesty and always using imagination and technological innovations so that we can offer our clients more and improved services.
The company’s values
Corporate ethics. In each and all of our actions as professionals in the real estate sector
Confidentiality. In all our actions and all the information provided to us by our clients
Consistency. In each and all of the actions we take
Long-term vision. When providing advice to our clients in their interests
Personalised attention. For each client and each procedure
Integral professional consulting services. We endeavour to provide advice on all the aspects related to and concerning the real estate sector
Ongoing training. For each and all of our collaborators
Ongoing innovation. In all our procedures and services
High quality and ongoing improvement. In the services we offer our clients
Work and family compatibility policy. We look after our human team

We look after our valuable human team by applying work and family compatibility policies