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Our History


1948Amat. was founded by Joan Amat Sala, who began Property Management for clients in Sant Just Desvern and some in Barcelona.

1952When Joan Amat passed away, his widow, Concepció Amigó Rius, decided to continue with Property Management and the business in an office in Barcelona and at her home in Sant Just Desvern.

1960The constant growth of the company, year after year, and later setting up her daughters’ office, Immaculada and Joana Amat Amigó, who were studying and working at the same time, the office needed to be moved from her private residence to offices in Bonavista street nº101.

1972At the beginning, the office only Managed Rental Properties, but new lifestyles meant that a new service had to be provided, Owner’s Association Management.


1982For the first time Amat. opened part of its current offices at Bonavista street nº63 in Sant Just Desvern and due to the Colegio de A.P.I. (The Spanish Real Estate Agents Association) being set up there was an important step forward as far as the quality was concerned of the company’s business, because it meant it could take part in the business of Marketing Rental Property and Purchasing Real Estate.

1985Amat. joined the largest independent real estate network in Spain Ceigrup Inmobiliarias, the result of more than 20 years shared experience in the real estate sector. Over these years it has been involved in various projects and has changed its name several times. Originally, in 1982 the CIIC Grupo de Professionales Inmobiliarios de Cataluña was founded. Later in 1986 the Grupo CEI was created from a merger with the largest real estate group in Spain. Finally, in 1990 Ceigrup Inmobiliarias was set up, “real estate for professionals”, stemming from another merger with the leading real estate group in the province of Gerona. These events resulted in the largest real estate network in the country, with more than one hundred associate agencies, with headquarters in the city of Barcelona. Amat. has been involved in this whole process right from the time it was founded, by promoting the Group and as member on the company’s Board of Directors.

1990Amat. opened its current offices at Bonavista street nº63-65 in Sant Just Desvern and set up a new department specialised in Land Management and Processing Urban Development Plans, mainly designed for developers.

1998Amat. opened a new office in Sant Cugat del Vallès (Valldoreix) in order to operate in an area with very similar characteristics and public to Sant Just and to be able to offer its professional services more efficiently with the same high professional standards as it had been doing in Sant Just up to then.


2000 Amat. obtained the ISO certification 9002, the 1st company in our sector to achieve this. In 2003 this was improved by obtaining the current ISO 9001 in order to adapt it business to the new European regulations for certification. Obtaining the ISO certification basically means the following:
. A company requirement for excellence in the services provided to our clients.
. Ongoing efforts are made to review our procedures so that they are fulfilled and we can offer ongoing improvement to our clients and our professionalism.
. A feature differentiating us from our competition.

2001 – A new office was opened in Barcelona - city, where Amat. participates through the company Amat, Prunera i Sellarès in order to better meet the needs of Amat.’s clients in Barcelona and launch the product stemming from Barcelona. Finally in 2010 the company’s name is changed to Amat., the office is moved to Balmes/ Padua street nº345 and incorporates the 3rd generation family, Guifré Homedes Amat.

2004 Amat. reorganized the whole Property Management Department, set up a customised service of Personal Managers and launched a new service called Online Property Management.

2006 – A new office was opened in Sofia - Bulgaria, where Amat. participates through the company INVESCAT Internacional, in order to assist our clients in their investments in other countries with much more emerging markets.

2008 – Is a year of changes and celebrations for Amat. due to the following:
. The extension and full refurbishment of its headquarters in Sant Just Desvern, from 500 to 1.000sqm.
. Redefinition of the corporate logo and image
. Celebration of the company’s 60th anniversary
. Adaptation of our staff to the Equal Opportunities Act, which up to now and for historic reasons has only consisted of women.

2009 - Amat. Consultora was created, with an area of investments and another one of urban Consulting.
2011 - Acquisition of the business Inogar of Sant Cugat del Vallès with office in the center of the city. In 2012 redesign and image change of the new Amat office in Sant Cugat – Center.